Dame Judi Dench stars in new fully integrated 'Experience ASB' campaign via Droga5

Screen shot 2011-10-06 at 7.59.31 AM.jpgDroga5 has launched ASB's new 'Experience ASB' campaign, the first under new CEO Barbara Chapman, formerly at ASB parent Commonwealth Bank in Australia.

The fully integrated broadcast, online, print and social media campaign stars Dame Judi Dench, and aims to provide an opportunity for potential customers to 'test drive' a range of ASB products and services.

Screen shot 2011-10-06 at 8.11.29 AM.jpgThe campaign also points people to the ASB's new digital hub.

Agency: Droga5
Creative Partner: Mike O'Sullivan
Creative Directors: Guy Roberts and Corey Chalmers
Business Partner: Andrew Stone
Business Director: James Polhill
Digital Partner: Jose Alomajan
Executive digital producer: Andrew Simpson
Media Strategist: Olly King
Agency Producer: Pip Mayne
Production Company: The Sweet Shop
Director: Mark Lever
Producer: Lynnette Gordon
Editor: David Coulson
Post: Digital Post
Music: Franklin Rd
Digital Production: Assembly
Digital Director: Matt von Trott
Digital Production: Amanda Chambers


Just saying said:

Its a nice thought, and the production is beautiful, my only 2cents would be the Experience ASB website is one dimensional and very linear, you can play the whole thing as one video.

ira said:

All marketing book thinking but still no magic

Same as that last campaign.

Such as shame, from such a good brand.

Also saying said:

yes, I concur, I enjoyed it, as much as one can enjoy a bank ad, but found the hot spots somewhat pointless, why stop mid story, just so i click again? there are no options so why have it?

Wen the VO is the best bit, PR it. said:

Dame Judy Dench is the only memorable thing about these ads. And even her formidable talent is not much of a stand-in for an idea.

Bring back Barbara said:

Shit- ASB usually lets a campaign live for around 10 years before they axe it - that first cab off teh rank must have been a disaster

Well I'm Just Saying... said:

I like the linear nature of the website. You can pass from start to finish and get a full overview of the products and services.

Meanwhile, if you want to know more information you can click one of the detours on the hotlinks.

For me, it was clean, simple and nicely executed.

And no - I don't work for the client or the agency. I can just appreciate a good piece of communication when I see it.

just saying said:

12.32 I'm sure some people will also enjoy it, but the truth is its just a series of T.V.C's slapped together, where the beauty of these executions is that you can take them on a journey like a pick-a-path. I'm not hating on Droga5, I was just expecting more from them.

Elizabeth Regina said:

Why J D as the VO? What does an elderly english actress have to do with NZ families and banking?

2.5 cents worth said:

So Creating Futures has been shelved, but its testament to the suiting power of Droga that they have held onto ASB. The 'Experience' direction seems to be a more aggressive 'ask for the order' type campaign, but seriously, bring back Ira. At least ASB had something that made them stand out on that bland NZ banking landscape. This new work wont solve any of their problems. I bet there is a new positioning line by this time next year. I hope there is also a big idea

Anonymous said:

How pretentious. Made by ad people, for ad people.

I'd be pissed if i were TBWA.

he's right said:

The work is solid. Not great, not bad.
But "2.5 cents worth" is right.
Creating Futures is history. Replaced by "a more aggressive 'ask for the order' type campaign" - I wonder who ordered that?
I bet there's also a new agency by this time next year.

Really? said:

Well I'm Just Saying - you like the linear nature of the website? really? with everything they could've done to further demonstrate the features and benefits using the technology and allowing users to choose the level of engagement (starting with a linear experience). Still, some nice elements in there. Just saying.

Well I'm Just Saying said:


Yes. I REALLY do like the linear nature of the website. They could have made it more complicated I'm sure. They could have packet it with every bell and whistle. But sometimes simple is good. It's just my personal view, but I think digital communications are becoming too interactive; requiring too much user involvement. There is a time and a place for that, sure. But not everywhere and not every time. Just like there's a place for a long copy press ad, and a place for 3 word headline press ads.

In this case, I liked the fact I could get in, get the message, and get out in under 5 minutes without too much pissing about. It was clean and it was simple.

But all of this is my personal opinion.

Will said:

There are two types of insights (they are rarely the same insight, but both are required): those that make the product better and those that make the ad better. This campaign has both. It's smart, different and nicely executed. Well done.

Ignore the grubby sad little short-poppy ad weasels on here, as usual.

Insomniad said:

Who posts a comment at 3.44 in the morning?

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