Caxton Awards 2012 finalists announced in Nollywood 'Enter The Caxton' movie trailer

cast.jpgCaxton Awards finalists and judges for 2012 are the stars of a trailer released today for the forthcoming Nollywood action movie 'Enter The Caxton', currently in production with Chini Productions in Lagos, Nigeria.

Enter The Caxton will premiere at this year's Caxton Seminar and Awards, with the ultimate winner revealed in the film. The movie also stars Emmanuel Tubiyele as the evil chairman Keogh, and his 8 judges.

screen shot.jpgSays Nnamdi Ndu, executive producer on the project: "I found the idea of doing a Nollywood parody of the rivalry in Australia's Caxtons ad festival fresh, exciting and fun. I also saw it as a way of celebrating Nollywood internationally."

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Marvin said:

While I watched that I had the uncomfortable feeling a trojan horse program was fishing through the data on my lap top.

Marvin said:

Then relaxed, and decided it was simply exploitative nonsense dressed up as I don't know what.

But if my bank account has been compromised Caxton will be hearing from the lawyers.

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