Lindauer tells boys not to worry in new TV commercial via DDB Group New Zealand

men.jpgLindauer found out that girls do not let themselves have enough quality time with their girlfriends, so with that in mind Lindauer has launched a new TVC that celebrates the Girls' Night Out via DDB Group New Zealand.

In collaboration with Danish director William Stahl, the master of pulling down the pants of the modern man, it has achieved this in a very unique way. Lindauer has put a twist on a fundamental human truth about guys vs. girls and suddenly the tables are turned when it comes to the girls getting together.

This TVC is a play on the fact that as much as guys hate to admit it, they're at a complete loss when they're left home alone... they get bored, worried, do stupid things and just generally can't cope when their loved one is on a Girls' Night Out.

Lion Nathan:
Marketing Manager - Wine - Susan Cassidy
Brand Manager - Lindauer - Kylie Biddle

Executive Creative Director - Andy Fackrell
Group Business Director - Angela Watson
Account Director - Jenny Travers
Senior Account Manager - Kate Smart
Art Director - Julia Ferrier
Copywriter - Jennie Liddell
Agency Producer - Tania Jeram & Judy Thompson
Executive TV Producer - Judy Thompson

Film Company - Roadmap Institute:
Director - William Stahl
Co - producer - Nina Fryland
Producer - Martin Elley

DOP - Manuel Albeto Claro
Editor - Henrik Thiesen
Online & Endframe - Jon Baxter @ Perceptual Engineering
Audio House:  Liquid Studios
Audio Engineer:  Craig Matuschka
Song:  'Every Minute Alone' by WhoMadeWho


Save me said:

What a load of rubbish.

tired said:

well that was quite long

At first glance I thought... said:

This could easily be a montage of NZ directors hearing about another local job going to a foreign ECD's mate offshore.
Is it the moment they realise this isn't a viable career anymore? If so, the pitch of performance is spot on.

Oh... wait a minute.... it's not.... they are actors... in Denmark I guess.

Pretty cool innit said:

Looks like a music promo, bit unexpected, kinda cool for an ad. Imagine there's scope to cut some nice 30s too

Ahem. said:

Obviously girls humour. That's cool because you are obviously selling to girls.

The end.

John said:

It's good. Very good.

Smithy said:

Great production values. OK idea.

Sus said:

Lindauer suddenly looks a lot cooler.

Hmmm... said:

Last time my wife went our for a 'girls night out' I sat on the couch, watched some porn and had a tommy tank. I didn't cry once.

Boots said:

"This TVC is a play on the fact that as much as guys hate to admit it, they're at a complete loss when they're left home alone... they get bored, worried, do stupid things and just generally can't cope when their loved one is on a Girls' Night Out." - To me, this is fundamentally wrong. I can't wait 'til my girlfriend leaves. Another case of creatives living in their own little world.

Steve said:


Manuel Albeto Claro. Legend.

Jealous face.

Russ said:


Jane said:

bullshit 'Hmmm...', you were cranking yourself silly

Big boys don't cry said:

There is nothing more unattractive than a crying man - it put me off my bubbles.

PipShady said:

There's a whiff of brown fish underneath that shiny exterior.

Ok so the cat's out of the bag said:

Lindauer comes out as the chicks alternative to Lion Red & they make a beer ad for it accordingly. But it won't change the fact that no-one wants to be seen drinking the stuff in public. gotta worry about wear out though - she ain't full of surprises.

Adster said:

Women will love it. It's entertaining as hell.
Well done.

angus w said:

very, very good indeed.

Woman said:

Bit boring and the song is depressing indie dross. Doesn't make me want to drink bubbles. When I go out my husband gets to watch lots of football on my sky with his hand down his pants, so I'm not sure the insight is even correct.

Yes said:

I agree with all the people who share my opinion.

Damn. said:

I see the creatives are appropriately chicks so my testicular opinion is invalid. thanks a lot.

Emotional retard said:

My girlfriend told me to never let her see me crying. she thinks it's weak and not at all attractive.

But then we tend to drink Champagne


That's what she said:

Watch the 'Every Minute Alone' music video and you'll see where they got the idea.

bloke said:

Finally, Kiwi booze advertising that's funny. Might not be entirely accurate but i imagine women with their tiny brains and handbags and whatnot will be too busy laughing to realize that.

mary Jane said:

crap. And yes - love the DDB guys going overseas. There is no talent here or in OZ. I agree. I'm going back to my shots magazine now. I want an overseas trip.

By the way - the spot stunk.

The best bit... said:

...was the end frame.

Should have never been 90 seconds long.

Ahem. said:

Um... I don't think the public will even watch it they'll be out having too much fun:)

girl power said:

WOW! An all-girl production. Both clients and all of DDB. Well, I assuming that ECD, Andy, is a girl.

....nah. said:

Nice production and direction, yes, but did it need to be shot in Denmark? No. And after 90sec wailing, that's a weak as pay off man. Might have just got away with in a 30. But really there's no getting away from the fact that there's simply not a shred of truth in the idea of guys getting upset about a girls night out. Weak.

Just A Guy said:

Well done. Funny spot and it's good to see the girls taking the piss out of the boys for a change. Nice job DDB. Makes Lindauer seems much cooler.

I don't want to freak anyone out but..... said:

You know it's the same director making his own music video again?

Same music even. Just slap the logo on the end, jobs a good 'un.

up my bum said:

that is easily the most self indulgent piece of shit i have ever seen.

Moneysaver said:

DDB should of saved Lindauer a shit load of money and just put on an endframe on the music video they copied.

Does the creative dept have no respect for NZ production houses?

Clever said:

Women will love the insight. Men will frantically deny they're lost at home without them (witness comments above). Nice ad. Let the debate begin.

Really... said:

Nicely shot but really just a piece of boring, indulgent wanky rubbish. Oh and then whack on the plonky product shot on the end. Ta-dah!

Captain Awsome said:

Good ads are based on real insights.
There ain't no real insight here.
When the Mrs is out on A girls' night I'm usually happy as a pig in shit watching something like Transformers or Iron Man (2 is best - that scene when he's in the senate hearing is awesome) without some weepy attention-seeking idiot telling me that this is a boys movie every every five seconds and ruining it for me, even though I bide my time watching those crappy TV3 sunday night chick flicks that begin with a female voice over saying something like "I was just a normal high school girl until.......". ANYWAY the least time I have to spend with you and your hysterical drunken mid-late 30s desperate to get a husband why doesn't anyone like me friends at the long room the better. Go back to insight school.

On a positive note - at the very least this ad has made me realise why guys shouldn't be allowed to make tampon ads.

Home alone said:

In my experience, female creatives only do dick gags when it comes to beer ads, not sure about crap bubbly ads, although this is a bad start.
This commercial is too long, copied, tired, and insulting. But then again, DDB hasn't won many awards recently so they'll do anything to win.

As for the 'insight', I love being at home when my missus goes out. Any tears are tears of joy. Lucinda, poor effort, fire the planner.

#$ said:

"Don't worry boys" doesn't mean the same thing as "Don't worry, boys." There, I've given you a hint, now it's up to your copywriters to figure out the difference. I'm not sure when correct grammar usage became akin to rocket science at DDB.

not a hottie said:

The creatives/planners must be HOT if their boyfriends cry when they go out for a few hours. I spent a night out with the girls on Friday and my b*stard hubby didn't even notice. Or maybe it's because I wasn't drinking Lindauer?

Lighten up said:

It's probably a bit too cool for the NZ market. But it is a nice and simple, entertaining film. It's a booze ad, it's just a piss take. Better than anything else out there at the moment. (New world stuff is dull and forgettable, telecom turtle is old fashioned and just a bit gay. Vodafone stuff is pretty poor. When you put things in perspective, this is one of the good ones. Best tv spot for a while anyway.

Revealed said:

'Home alone' is obviously a bitter ex DDB ECD!

John said:

Wow this blog is full of people trying to pull the ad down.
It is true that some guys can be a bit lost at home when the missus is out.
Plus it's true that women want to think that their guys are a bit lost at home without them.
After that, it's just a good dose of hyperbole, a cool track, and very nice filming.
This will work for women without a doubt.

Good on ya said:

Good on ddb for using the same film company and music track as the piece they were inspired by. They've changed the idea a bit and written some nice scenarios, but still chose to go halfway around the world to do this with the originators (and acknowledged them openly in the pr puffery). Had they produced this locally it would have been a ripoff.

The answer is, . . . said:

So my wife, who loves her bubbles, watches it last night and says WTF!? Then distills it down to what the real insight behind this camaign really is: 'Lindauer causes misery'. Genius! So maybe these guys are crying because they had a couple of glasses last night and the hangover is killing them!?

Also - what's a ''worry boy'?

Jane said:

I agree with all the comments on here that this ad is an utter waste of 90 seconds, but am I also the only one who felt extremely uncomfortable about it from an alcoholism point of view? Forgetting the male/female politics for a second, just the idea of anyone at home crying while their significant other is out boozing . .. well it cut a little close to the bone for me, shall we say. Anyone who has lived with an alcoholic will know what I mean. Surprised it got approved.

Wishful said:

I wish my wife would bugger off out on the bubbles more often and leave me alone. If this ad gifts me just one splendid night of isolation, then show me where to click the like button.

Wishful said:

And yes, Jane, you're the only one. It is an ad. It is hyperbole.

Spoiler alert: The Milky Bar Kid wasn't actually a real cowboy.

J Glazer & N Cave said:

Made this awhile back with my mate Nick Cave....

Really? said:

Lindauer: The drink of choice for dating a manchild.

chocogirl said:

Nah Jane, you're not alone. I haven't been in that position myself but I feel ya. It's a feel-bad ad for a product that should make you HAPPY!

Boys don't cry said:

Hey Jane, I think you're onto something there. I spent way too long in a relationship with just such a Lime bar frequenting, substance abusing party girl & it was a truely horrrific experience. Only just made it out alive by the hair on my chinny chin chin. Maybe relationship sorrow & dispair isn't quite so hilarious afterall?

Ahem... said:

Of course they're crying they're skinny hipster bitches! It's funny every name on here that says they are a man are definitely not and they are definitely all women from DDB:)

Ha Ha

We know what you are trying to do!


Auckland said:

Ummm, just to state the obvious, original references; Interpol sound + Tears For Fears video.

Also, if we're going to analyse the whole inter-sexes powerplay, can I point out the slow-mo ejaculatory bottle? Really, if it was about empowering women, would we need this not so subtle subliminal association of pleasure with the male phallus?

I thought not.

Irritable said:

I agree with Wishful and Jane - the first time I saw this it just seemed mean-spirited.

bubbles said:

hmm ..... am a girl and neither seek nor gain solace from the idea that whilst I imbibe bad booze with my friends, my man's heart breaks .. hope he would not either. plus have lived in fear of a drunk's return. anyway you look at it, does not sell fun. at all.

Fuck you said:

Never im my life have I been so disgusted.
Go pay a visit to any 'boys' flat, and see that it is filled with entertainment.
This was intentionally insulting and an expose of how the double standards are something, even large but cheap alcohol companies can gloat over.

Invidentia said:

Not particularly original considering they could have just taken the original video and achieved the same result. It just changed it from helplessness after a breakup to helplessness from being left alone a few hours...

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