L&P launches new 'Bit Different Aye' campaign and TV spots via Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand

L&P.jpgTrying to describe what L&P tastes like is tackled in a distinctly kiwi way this week in the new Saatchi & Saatchi campaign for L&P via Saatchi & Saatchi and directed by Wade Shotter from Flying Fish.
The iconic kiwi brand launches four new 15 second TV spots with the 'Bit Different Aye' campaign, which follows an online competition on their Facebook page.  

Saatchi & Saatchi ECD, Antonio Navas, says that it was key to retain the iconic kiwi humour, but that the brand needed a more contemporary look and feel.
Says Navas: "It's one of New Zealand's favourite brands, so the last thing we wanted to do was change it completely. We wanted to contemporise L&P in a way that still made everyone smile.
"The great thing about L&P is when you ask someone to describe the taste, they really can't put their finger on it. We had a lot of fun exploring this in the scripts, and trying to bring the taste to life in a more interesting way."
The new TV ads coincide with the Taste-a-liker, an online app that encourages the 190,000 strong Facebook community to tell us what L&P tastes like. Cinema, street posters and sampling will continue to drive the campaign across summer.


Gredge said:


But c'mon, "Ell *And* Pee"...?

It's pronounced "Allan Pee", eff eff ess.

W said:

Lends itself nicely to hand over to the people to extend. Like it.

Wrote said:

Nothing much, becomes nothing at all....

Just awful said:

These are really bad ... not funny...terrible v/o.

Remember when L&P ads were funny? Yeah ..me too...what happened???

Weak said:

L&P has flavour, these spots don't.

a person said:

bit too dry, seems like the humour got lost in the execution. feel quite bad for the creatives really, you get this sick feeling in your stomach when that starts to happen with your idea.

could have been quite good.

dropped ball said:

So S&S took one of NZ's most unique brand ideas and replaced it with...wait for it... 'different'.

bit shortsighted, ay.

terrible said:

These are terrible and executed even worse - the voice over is even WORSE - nice one S& S

Thirsty said:

Well I like 'em. My comment's a bit different aye!

P&L said:

wanted to. couldn't.

G said:

Do me a favour and learn how to spell: "eh" ... it's not spelled "aye".

Alan Sayers said:

Aye is pronounced 'eye'. Nautical term for yes,yes...(aye aye captain).
The correct wording is 'eh'. Makes your advertising look very stupid....I laugh every time I see one of your cars at the supermarket.
Slogan should read "a bit different eh?" Don't forget the question mark.

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