Fresh Up launches new integrated campaign celebrating 50 years via BelowTheLine, Auckland

FreshUp50_1962.jpgBelowTheLine, Auckland has launched a new integrated campaign that celebrates 50 years of Fresh Up satisfying Kiwis' thirst.
Dialing up the brand nostalgia while still appealing to Fresh Up's younger core consumer, BelowTheLine's through-the-line campaign features six executions of the same three models in similar poses.
With each execution styled to a different decade throughout the brand's history, the girls illustrating the 60s are focused adoringly on the boy, while in the 80s they're more focused on their tan, and in 2012 it's about sharing their lives online.
With the ubiquitous can of Fresh Up being enjoyed front and centre in the classic Fresh Up pose, careful attention was paid to even the smallest details from haircuts and eyewear to the actual iconic can itself.
FreshUp50_1982.jpgFreshUp50_2012.jpgBelowTheLine director Ghanum Taylor says the agency was thrilled to work with the iconic brand on such a significant occasion in its history. "It was a fun campaign to work on, a real celebration of the changing times that Fresh Up has been a part of."
Launched up and down the country across Adshel, bus backs, radio, Facebook, online and point-of-sale, the project also saw the agency design the packaging for a limited-edition commemorative can. Produced across 2 SKUs; apple/orange and original apple, the can offers consumers 20 percent extra free.
"Fresh Up has been quenching Kiwis thirst for 50 years now," says Fresh Up Brand Manager Joel Reichardt. "We're really pleased with the campaign which is a chance for us to celebrate these 50 years and re-engage with consumers over the crucial sales period."


? said:

Funny, cause this whole campaign seems to be straight from 2002

Marvin said:

There's that "integrated" word again. What a blast from the past. A flashback from the way-back stack. The next person who uses "integrated" in PR wins a copy of the 1993 Axis Award Annual*

*Never printed

Renee said:

You'd think that in 2012 (now 2013) we would have moved beyond using 'hot chicks and dudes' to sell products. I realise that this is a recreation of an ad from 50 years ago, but what it says to me is that time has moved on, but FreshUp hasn't. I find the whole campaign disappointing, unimaginative and frankly pretty gross.

Come on FreshUp, live up to your name and find a fresh way to persuade us to give you our dollars. We want something new and refreshing, not this tired old recycled, sexualised, misogynistic junk.

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