Animates pet stores launches new TV commercial ahead of 'Doomsday' via Y&R New Zealand

doomsday.jpgAhead of the suggested 'apocalypse' on 21.12.12, Animates pet stores, via Y&R NZ has launched a new TV spot.

Rather than looking to the seismometer, barometers and Metservice apps for warning the ad indirectly suggests that people should really look to their animals who have always had an inbuilt, direct connection to our planet.

This spot runs on December 20. The day before the predicted end of the world.
Creative director: Josh Moore
Art Director: Tom Paine
Writer: Carlos Savage
Producer: Christina Hazard
Editor: Jarrod Wright
Account director: Nick Maltby
Account service: Ruschke Snell


Toby said:

Driving dog or lilo dog? hmmmm

Woof if you like it said:


Jon said:

New Y&R. Same old shit.

woof said:

ha ha love it.

Dignity said:

Try to retire with it.

Not nice, but said:

Doesn't a TV ad have to run on TV? This screams of an agency with people raring to go, but no clients to work on. This is just a facebook update made into an internet video.

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