It's Christmas. Time for Jesus to come out.

Screen shot 2012-12-21 at 12.15.25 PM.jpgEinstein's Hairdresser, Auckland has created a Christmas billboard for St Mathew-in-the-City.

The billboard was created by John McCabe and Dave Shirley.


Must try harder said:

Not offended yet. Sorry. Maybe next time.

Look said:

It's a pun

Refresh Required said:

This approach is as old as the fictional story that invented him.

Refresh wrong said:

Jesus' existence is fact..... actually.

But yes, they've done better.

Blessings Be said:

I love it actually. Simple and straightforward. You old cynics need to get a bit of Christmas cheer.

Brain Be said:

Nice of you to pop in John. What exactly is the 'simple and straightforward’ message you are referring to here? That Jesus was gay? I’m not offended by that, but is there a point for suggesting he was?

I’m struggling to see any message other than ‘Look at me. I can poke a stick at fundamentalists’. While that is always fun, it is not exactly hard and perhaps it should be given a rest at Christmas. Christmas cheer indeed.

What again? said:

A fundamentally wrong ad for a church who have got their fundamentals wrong. So it's a perfect fit.

meanwhile said:

in the real world, adland is burning

@ refresh wrong said:

'Refresh Required' did not say Jesus was fictional. He said his story was. Not the same thing.

While Jesus probably existed, you need to be an actual 'believer' - as they are rightly called - to believe the story that has attached itself to him - especially the miraculous bits of course.

For those who have not taken that particular leap of faith to become a believer, the story is indeed fictional, and like the story of Noah's Ark, seems to include quite a few elements borrowed or adapted from older tales - including raising folks from the dead, healing, coming back to life and the other usual 'sure signs' of divinity.

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