urges kiwi women to make 'more love, and have less regret' via Whybin\TBWA, via Whybin\TBWA\DAN Auckland has launched the 'Regretgasm' concept - an orgasm from unprotected, yet consensual sex that may later result in feelings of regret and sorrow, following contraction of a sexually transmitted disease, or an unexpected pregnancy.

The 'Regretgasm' campaign will encourage kiwi women to take charge of their sexual health throughout the party filled hedonistic days and nights of December and January 2013 and beyond, and have 'more love, and less regret'.

Regretgasm.jpgSays Jenene Crossan, nzgirl: "We surveyed the sexual habits of the nzgirl community and the result was a big fat slap in the face for all of us; revealing that 70 per cent of women in New Zealand are having consensual sex that they later regret.

"The choices we make (to use a condom and to get regular health check-ups) have major physical and emotional repercussions when it comes to our self-esteem and sexual health.

"So with that in mind, we felt it was time to take a stand, particularly as we head into a time of the year crammed with drunken parties, festival benders, and of course, the biggest hook-up night of all - New Year's Eve.

"We don't want to be the Fun Police, nor are we making any judgment about who women have sex with (or how often). Put simply, we want to raise awareness that might serve as a well-timed reminder to keep safe.

"We believe having safe sex needs to be made popular again. Most safe sex messages have become a little passé to women, unfortunately turning serious messages about sexual health into wallpaper that the women of today don't even notice. 'Regretgasm' is a relatable way of talking about having an orgasm that you later regret, in a way that we hope will inspire women to change or think harder about their safe sex practices.

We're hopeful this sexy and relevant campaign will address that and make the women of New Zealand take charge of their sexual health with pride and without shame.

Whybin\TBWA commissioned fashion and beauty photographer, Charles Howells, to capture one couple's most intimate moment using a 'closed' set, to tell the story of how an orgasm can turn to a regretgasm.

His video is embedded on the nzgirl site, backed by outdoor creative, including a billboard, which asks the public one simple question, 'Ever had an orgasm that you regret?'

This was also replicated in contextually relevant posters, where you can 'swipe your phone to hear her moan'. Activated via a QR code it directs punters to the auto-play video, at a place and time when women are most likely going to hook up and have unsafe sex.

This was also pushed online with the #regretgasm hashtag, where women from all over New Zealand are able to share their own regretgasms. A radio campaign sharing other experiences will also be aired on George FM.

The 105,000 strong members can connect with the regretgasm campaign via the embedded video on the website, an EDM, Facebook and twitter posts, display advertising within the site, polls and news articles.

Says Andy Blood, executive creative director, TBWA\Group: "Woody Allen famously said: "Is sex dirty? Only if it's done right." The regretgasm campaign wants people to do it right: by wearing protection. Then they can (and should be) as 'dirty' as they want. And then they'll have no regrets, only orgasms.

"nzgirl have produced some famous campaigns in the past and we're hopeful this one also resonates with kiwi women, gets them talking and encourages them to look after themselves."

Project Name: Regretgasm
Creative Agency: Whybin\TBWA\DAN Auckland
Client: nzgirl
Executive Creative Director: Andy Blood
Art Director: Smeta Chhotu-Patel
Copywriter: Lucy Morgan
Director: Charles Howells
Director of Photography: Charles Howells
Photographer: Charles Howells
Camera: Charles Howells
Photographers Agent: Jason Jones
Photographers Agency: Collective Force
Producer: Jessica Hogan
Digital Strategist: Bonnie Bradley
Account Director: Sarah Osborne
Production: Michelle Hong
Video production: Nic Neame
Hair and Makeup: Carolyn Haslett­­
Media Team: Tia Shaw
Audio: Liquid
Orgasm: Anna Jullienne


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