Schick for Men launches 'The Schibliminizer' Christmas Facebook application via Y&R NZ

Buy screenshot.jpgUsing the contentious science of sublimal messaging - a highly effective technique whereby subliminal stimuli is used to activate specific regions of the brain to evoke behavioural change in a subject without them being aware, Schick for Men and Y&R NZ created the "Schibliminizer".

The Schibliminizer is a Facebook application which men can use to create a video in which they can subliminally embed their Christmas desires into their Missus' brain.

View the app here.


ummmm said:

Not sure how this ties together with the schick brand. Feels like you're just randomly copying something 'cool' you saw on the internet.

Maybe if this was for a toothpaste with the whole swirl thing, although that's hypnosis.

ummmmm said:

"for men". don't overthink it, it'll make your head hurt.

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