SKY New Zealand + TVNZ launch brand concept for pay TV product IGLOO via Interbrand Sydney

04_Pack front.jpgSKY New Zealand and TVNZ this week launched a new affordable and flexible pay TV product, IGLOO. IGLOO's brand concept was the brainchild of Interbrand Sydney.

IGLOO offers an affordable and flexible pay TV option, for those that want a bit more than free-to-air with less commitment, cost, and content, than the full-service pay TV solution traditionally offered by SKY. The product allows customers to 'pick n choose' from a 30 day channel pack of 11 SKY channels, video on demand service, and pay-per-view sport from their hand-picked selection without the need for a contract.

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05_pack back.jpgInterbrand Sydney named and designed the visual identity which represents the new digital prepay TV service.

Says Mike Rigby and Chris Maclean, Interbrand Sydney creative directors: "Our brief was to turn a standard black box into a compelling and entertaining brand experience. So rather than focus on the device, our idea was to create a new species of entertaining, family friendly creatures called IGLOOs.

02_Characters.jpg"IGLOOs are colourful characters that love to dress up as their favourite stars. We also created a distinctive verbal brand for IGLOO, which is witty, irreverent, and distinctly Kiwi. They have their own language called 'IGLISH' which consists of any word with double O in it."

The IGLOO creatures provide several useful roles throughout the brand experience. From entertaining you, to explaining the various package options through to 24_SHHH_REMOTE.jpghelping to make the set up process easy and fun. The whole brand revolves around ease of use, entertainment and fun.

Says Richard Curtis, Interbrand Sydney managing director: "The brand is also designed to engage internally with every new member of staff receiving their own special IGLOO avatar created for use on their business cards.

"We also designed the packaging, 11_AVATAR_BUSINESS_CARDS.jpgelements of the merchandise and brought the brand to life within the set top box user interface and website look and feel."

Says Chaz Savage, IGLOO chief executive: "Absolutely delighted with the work 13_stationery.jpgInterbrand has done in creating IGLOO. Now we have the challenge of ensuring the experience matches the promise."

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