Spark Group set to gamify the way it works with new global operating system called 'Source'

Source logo.jpgSpark Group is set to gamify the way it works with the launch of a new global operating system that will encourage participation and collaboration across its parent network PHD, part of Omnicom Media Group. 
The system, called Source, has been constructed using game mechanics - with the objective of fostering high levels of collaboration amongst PHD's 2,500 employees. The system functions as a strategy framework and, at the same time, a live engine that allows everyone within the global PHD business to work together in real-time, effectively functioning as what's known as a MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) game.
The thousands of people within PHD will be able to see how they are performing on a real-time worldwide leader-board, with points awarded for idea generation and sharing, including staff across New Zealand-based businesses Spark PHD, PHDiQ, Spark PR & Activate, and Spacestation.
Says Cheuk Chiang, CEO of PHD Asia Pacific: "Everyone knows that media and communications have gone through great change; however, planning has fundamentally remained the same for years. Source is truly a game-changing approach to planning, one that equips us and our clients to develop stronger thinking in a new world that's digitised, socialised and super-connected."
Says Mark Holden (pictured), worldwide strategy and planning director of PHD: "Source has been in development for close to two years. It is our attempt to allow everyone within PHD to be able to tap into the PHD mind.  We have so many brilliant thinkers across the world, now they can innovate across many other briefs and be celebrated for this. By 1 January 2013, anyone that joins PHD is also joining a MMO - a 'massive multiplayer online' game."
The system, developed over the last two years, has been built based on cutting-edge marketing theory drawn from three key areas:

  1. The latest insights that have emerged from the social sciences - particularly the recent studies into Behavioural Economics and, with this, Choice Architecture
  2. The most commercially applicable insights that have emerged from cognitive neuroscience - particularly studies into Neuromarketing and insights from PHD's own fMRI research
  3. The paradigm-shifting learnings that have emerged from marketing meta-analysis - particularly the insights uncovered by The Ehrenberg Bass Institute

Says Holden: "This intelligence has enabled PHD to create a strategy and idea generation system that will foster incredibly powerful thinking."
Says Louise Bond, Spark Group CEO: "We pride ourselves on the level of strategic thinking we offer to clients and this new tool is going to enhance that even further, as we continue to deliver tactically sound and results-focused campaigns."
To find out more about Spark PHD and its communications philosophy, visit the website.


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Is using clich├ęd buzzwords to hide a lack of information part of the game?

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