YWCA Auckland launches new 'Demand Equal Pay' integrated campaign via DDB New Zealand


YWCA has launched its new 'Demand Equal Pay' campaign and TV spot via DDB New Zealand.

Women in New Zealand are paid 10% less, for doing the same job as men. To even out this inequality the YWCA Auckland decided men should be charged 10% more. Through TV, print, online, and experiential, this campaign highlights how absurd it is for the two genders to be treated differently when it comes to money.

YWCA1.jpgAs a result, all outrage is directed to demandequalpay.org.nz. Once opened, the website soon becomes unbalanced, just like the gender pay gap in New Zealand. And the only way to even it back up is by signing up with your support.

The campaign hopes to collect an even 10,000 signatures from men and 10,000 from women, in support of introducing the Pay Equality Bill into Parliament.

Says Monica Briggs, CEO of YWCA Auckland: "It is the belief of the YWCA Auckland that by raising public awareness around this issue and giving some education around the facts, that people will debate the issue and just as importantly, pledge their support at demandequalpay.org.nz - so that government can be YWCA2.jpgurged to adopt the Pay Equality Bill, drafted by Dr Judy McGregor, the out-going Equal Employment Opportunities Commissioner. This Bill would give transparency and openness to gender pay issues within workplaces, something which is not possible under current legislation.

"The YWCA Auckland aims to empower young women both socially and economically - this campaign fits very neatly around empowering young women to be economically independent."

Agency - DDB Group New Zealand
Executive Creative Director: Andy Fackrell
Creative Director: Steve Kane
Copywriter/art director: Jonathan McMahon
YWCA3.jpgDirector/copywriter: Lisa Fedyszyn
Copywriter/art director: Simone Louis
Art Director/copywriter: Toby Morris
Agency Producer: Jane Mill
Account Director: Jenny Travers
Account Executive Amy Pollock 
Planner: Jamie Barrett
Production Company: Thick as Thieves
Director: Zoe McIntosh
Producer: Claire Kelly
Executive Producer: Nik Beachman
DOP: Andrew McGeorge
Editor: Steve Gulik
Grade: @ Toybox
Sound Production Co: Factory studios
Audio Engineer: Clive Broughton
Print Producer: Andy Robilliard
Print Designer: Amanda Summersby
Creative Director: Aaron Goldring
Copywriter /Art Director: Matt Webster
Art Director/Copywriter: Ben Barnes
Senior Interactive Designer: Sam Schrey
Digital Services Director: Paul Pritchard
Developer: Robbie Boyd
Developer:  Simon Crocker
Developer: Jarrad Edwards
Producer: Paul Shannon

Group Account Director: Bob Glancy
Account Director: Sean Brown
Account Manager: Rebecca Rassie
Monica Briggs - CEO YWCA Auckland
Shelley Geenty - Marketing & Communications Manager YWCA Auckland
Kate Sutton - President YWCA Auckland


Girls said:

Fuckin' funny....

Joel said:

Go Zoe!

penis said:

Very nice.

my other cock said:

OK yep its a goodie..

Meh said:

Ok but so average

Mightier than the swo rd said:

It's a good idea. It's a good script. It's well enough shot. But why is the acting always so embarrassingly fucking awful?

great idea said:

and great acting.

Bob De Niro said:

The booth guy is brillianrt! Great acting for a change...

@ Mightier than the sword... said:

I don't know if you can blame the actors entirely. The dialogue is pretty clunky...all felt pretty forced and stilted.

performance director said:

Wish I'd done it.

one eyed snake said:

Eye like that a lot.

But said:

the ad is about getting charged more? Then turned around onto the brief byu a super.
Nothing super happening there. Contorted.

nice said:

Great work Zoe, great performances, nicely shot. Shame about sour grapes from 'Mightier than the sword'...

meh meh said:

So forced. Just because some creative heavyweights are behind this, doesn't mean it's good a good idea. Yawn.

Pro-pussy said:

It's in spot of the day on C-O, enough said you dicks.


@ nice said:

So 'it's a good idea. it's a good script.' followed by criticism of the acting count as sour grapes? Hmm, only unqualified praise is accepted obviously.

I stand by my opinion. Good idea, good script, terrible acting. And no, I don't blame the actors. Someone cast and directed them.

@ idiot said:

Thanks for your comment @ nice. Please refer to above creativity-online link for concrete validation of this idea and execution in an international context and reflect on repudiation of your parochial small dick / imagination / brain. Good night.

Ridiculous said:

This is f*ing average. Idea is fine, execution is bloody awful.

unvaginad said:

nice idea. shit execution. could have been way more scenarios, less forced dialogue and ten times funnier.

Cmon said:

If this was as good as some people hope it is, surely there'd be consensus of it's brilliance. There isn't . it isn't.

Seriously said:

Nothing wrong with the idea, but yes, the execution lets it down.

Love it said:

I bet all the people that hate it have penises.

I dont have one and I love it. Surprising, funny, clear and probably done for bugger all money.

Oh yeah.... said:

Clunky writing and over directed acting... (probably the creatives giving the director line readings to feed to the actors)

I wonder how many Aussie directors got a chance to pitch on this no-budget script.

Oh no, thats right, they just come in and do the jobs WITH money. We have to do the charity jobs for nothing and then line up and beg for an opportunity to pitch on the jobs with money.
Hope this girl gets a proper job on the back of this.

@@ idiot said:

1/ Saying something is a good idea, a good script, but is let down by poor acting is hardly sour grapes. It is two out of three. You really are touchy and defensive aren't you.

This is advertising. People have opinions about work and express them. If you are going to get upset when someone gives something 2/3 of a rave review, then be prepared to have your delicate ego bruised on a more regular basis.

2/ Someone seems to be placing a great deal of emphasis on the 'concrete validation' of one website. That is one opinion, and it's not exactly D&AD is it?

3/ You stoop to personal insults like 'idiot' pretty easily. Oh what the heck, if you can't beat them, join them. You are a moron.

Have a good lie in.

realitycheck said:

...And then all the women fell pregnant and stayed at home.

jimmy said:

this is good.

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