NZ shake-up as Toby Talbot set to take CCO reins from Andy Blood at Whybin\TBWA, Auckland; CEO David Walden set to depart by end of 2013

TOBY-TALBOT-NEW.jpgToby Talbot, who resigned from the ECD role at RKCR/Y&R London in December after less than a year to return to New Zealand, is about to take the chief creative officer - and co-managing - role at Whybin\TBWA Auckland.

Believed to be a long time in the planning, current ECD Andy Blood (below left) is moving on after nearly nine successful and multiple Cannes awarded years in the role. His plans are yet to be revealed, although CB hears he might consult to TBWA on international projects.

Also departing, after16 years in the role, is founding CEO David (Devo) Walden, who will be retained as a consultant. His replacement, which CB believes to be from the client-side, will be announced any day, once contracts are signed.

On Blood's watch, the agency, which before his arrival from Saatchi & Saatchi, Auckland, had won only one international award, picked up 2 Cannes Grand Prix, 15 Lions, 1 D&AD Yellow pencil, 6 One Show pencils, a Grand Clio, AWARD Silvers and Bronzes, SPIKES' Silver and Bronzes, 6 Young Guns bullets, and ADFEST Innova, Silver and Bronzes.
ANDY-BLOOD.jpgBefore joining RKCR/Y&R London in January last year Talbot was group ECD at DDB New Zealand.

At Christmas Talbot told CB that his family was homesick for NZ: "I can't exactly commute from Auckland! Got some nice work away for the BBC and have several exciting projects finished in January and February but also focusing on an exciting opportunity in NZ."

Originally from the UK, Talbot had been in New Zealand for the previous fifteen years, working at Colenso BBDO, Saatchi & Saatchi and DDB New Zealand.

Talbot is ranked number one ECD in the world over the past ten years on


Really? said:

So the guy that lasted less than a year on England, and the guy that lasted less than a year at APN, team up to oust the guys that have run the place for a decade.

Paul said:

Todd McLeay the new CEO. Devo's gone.

Overrated said:

Poor TBWA creative teams. You'll be writing up his ideas, his lines and his heavy handed humour, late night after late night, with absolutely no thanks. There's only one person that gets the credit in the Toby Talbot Show.

Suspect said:

What has Toby actually done in the UK? Seems like a suspiciously short tenure at Y&R to me.

As good as your last idea said:

Love the fact that the release ends with Talbot being ranked No.1 ECD in the world over the last 10 years, and ignores his performance in the last year.

He's actually ranked 9th in the world in 2012, behind other locals Fackrell (3rd), Wortho (7th), and equal to Grafton (9th), who he ousted from DDB.

JL said:

Well done, Mr Talbot!

watching said:

He'll have a chip on his shoulder to prove he's still got it after a lacklustre time in the UK.

Spin said:

Watch the good comments start arriving on this blog, as the Talbot/Kane/McLeay PR machine sees the current sentiment!

Brand authenticity said:

Toby will be more polished, more groomed, more smooth and more proper than Andy Blood. But he will never be as exciting and daring, and he will never win the accolades Andy has. Since when did TBWA go the safe route?

Ex DDBer said:

I pity the creative department at TBWA. Forget your ideas and conform quickly, if you want to stay.

Fence sitter said:

DDB were happy to see Toby go in the end. His department were burnt out and his style had tired. And they may have been right given he's hardly broken the mould in the UK. Time will tell I guess. But I think the new CEO at TBWA could be interesting.

Anti-cilmax said:

Bit disappointing, after all the dreary speculation, ending up at TBWA. Should've deturfed the jokers at saatchis or taken over from megatron at Colenso. Still I imagine he'll be on the rampage against ddb now. Sure, he'll go after their clients, but they should hold the fort, Fackrell's solid.

Good said:

Top bloke, welcome back.

Yes said:

@anti-climax is right. Talbot into Colenso would have been more interesting as Wortho goes part-time this year. But then Colenso want the creative cutting edge. Wonder if they'll manage to keep Cochran when they bring someone in over the top of him?

Little Man said:

Wonder how much money is left after Talbot and Kane to actually hire some good people in the rest of the agency? Or will they be worked to the bone, like at Colenso, to fund the new head honchos?

optimist said:

I reckon it is a good thing for TBWA.
I also think it is incredibly boring when people act like Colenso and DDB are the only two agencies in town.
Hope Toby can bring TBWA back to where they were a few years back.

Glen said:

Thought it might be worthwhile to mix up the comment to commend the outgoing (there's enough opinion of the incoming on here already). Andy Blood - top bloke, courageous thinker and doer, dedicated and driven, grew some brilliant creative teams during his time, and managed to bring TBWA a whole lotta of metal for the broom cupboard too. All done with a big grin. All the best son.

Blood-less coup said:

Another 'Tried Y&R, Now with TBWA' alum.
Is this a pattern or policy?

Nick G said:

Good to have you back on these shores Tobes.

cool said:

Welcome back, Tobes.

Tut tut said:

Surely no one is really that surprised. Toby was never going to gently slot into a spot that was a perfect fit, was he?

form said:

at least he makes more money than freelancers

Dave King said:

Nice comment Glen.

Couldn't agree more.

Here's to a top bloke. said:

Oddly enough, the incoming could never fill Andy Blood's shoes.

Bloody is a star of our industry and has been for years. He has regularly turned out ground breaking work and just as regularly, won awards for it.

He hasn't succumbed to the easy street of scam like others we know, perhaps even the incoming. Nor does he resort to unrelentingly PRing himself ad nauseum, to increase his visibility.

Best of all, and a rarity in this vainglorious, ego-filled industry of ours, his reputation for being a top bloke is second to very, very few.

It is much more fitting in this instance, to acknowledge the outgoing than the incoming.

On yer' Andy.

EseeD said:

There are those CD's and ECD's that have to PR themselves to death on this site and there are those who quietly go along, doing what they do best, and having a sense of clarity...

Tubs said:

Man there are some harsh comments on here. Toby was a great boss to me and many others at DDB. Looked after us, cared about us, fought for us, taught us a lot and was great with clients and suits.

To all those ex DDBers who believe they were shunted by Toby, well there is probably a really good reason for it. We all know who most of you are and yeah, i'd get rid of some of you too. Get over yourselves! Stop being bitter and learn from it.

Good luck Tobes and Steve

Toby's undies said:

Toby did say he was only leaving for a year so his wife could spend some time with her aging parents. It's a year later, he didn't even sell his house. Man, some people on here are assholes. Welcome back Toby, you can start up on your combi again.

Colenso 2000 said:

welcome back brudda

Bobby Tambling said:

Tubs and Toby's hit the nail on the head!

Colenso 2001 said:

Yeah, missed you brudda.

Welcome back Tony!

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