The Beacons makes history at sea with a new call for entries idea

vid3.jpgCall for entries for the new CAANZ Media Awards took a nautical twist when electrical scientists wired Bean Rock, a famous Auckland harbor beacon, to target Auckland media people who own boats.

Tomorrow - Watch The Beacons call for entries campaign take flight.


Mikey said:

What channel did this broadcast on?

Sea Dog said:

Good one. Cause i see so many media people out on boats.

duh said:

yup. that's the point.

Poe's Lawyer said:

The obscurity of the media is obviously part of the idea. The actual media selected is this site, and any other ad site they post on.

However, while trying to parody overblown award videos that make absurd claims about invisible campaigns, they seem to have stumbled on a corollary to Poe's Law:

'It is impossible to tell the difference between a wanky, just-plain-bad award video and a parody of a wanky, just-plain-bad award video without some outside clue. And these are pretty clueless.

Will said:

How would we know which channel to listen to? I don't recall any media release about this.

Grammar said:

The plural of medium is media. Not mediums.

That is why it is the Media industry. Not the Mediums Industry.

That is why they are the Media Awards. Not the Mediums Awards.

It's also why we say Multimedia and not multimediums.

Honestly, it's not that hard.

One day said:

I look forward to the day when NZ award shows grow up and just get on with showcasing the best work, instead of coming up with whacky stuff to show how "creative" we are, and then enter it into next year's award shows.

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