Lotto NZ shows Kiwis how it feels to win its Christmas Triple Dip in a new spot via DDB NZ

NZLottoMen.jpgDDB New Zealand has launched its latest ad for Lotto's Christmas Triple Dip promotion, which imagines how happy you would feel if you won.

With 200 extra prizes worth over 5 million dollars, don't be surprised if you see a few people partying like these wacky wavy-armed inflatable tube men over the Christmas break.

Client: Lotto NZ
Head of Brand and Communications: Kelly Millier
Senior Brand & Communications Manager: Keri Merrilees
Brand and Communications Assistant: Lisa de Ruiter
Agency: DDB
Executive Creative Director: Andy Fackrell
Creative Directors: Shane Bradnick, Mark Lorrigan
Art Director: Zac Lancaster
Copywriter: Tom Cunliffe
Executive Producer: Judy Thompson
Agency Producer: Celia Rowe
Group Business Director: Greg Jones
Account Director: Charlie Stow
Account Manager: Nick Dellabarca
Production Company: Good Oil Films, Australia
Director: Rhett Wade-Ferrell
Executive Producer: Sam Long
Producer: Emma Thompson
DOP: Rob Marsh
Editor: Tim Mauger
Online: Blockhead
Sound Production Co: Liquid Studios
Audio Engineer: Craig Matuschka
Music Composition: Peter Van de Fluit


Terrible. said:

Utter rubbish on what use to be the most golden account in all of New Zealand.

Just askin' said:

Umm... reminds me of Toohey's Australia.

mr downer said:

they make me laugh more when I see them outside a car yard I'm afraid. : /

Roger said:

Love it!

PMo said:

Nice one guys, great work after your sweet as Father's Day spot. Don't let the bastards get you down

Again said:

Clearly essential to use an Aussie director...(again)

Let's be clear said:

In the old days, reproducing someone else's ad would cost you your job, if not your career. Nowadays not so much. They'll just say they didn't know about it. Maybe they didn't.

strawman said:

This is approved.


"Let's be clear" That is utter BS. How could they not know? Shane Bradnick worked on Toohey's in Australia. And, Andy Fackrell is surely aware of Tom Kuntz's reel. To suggest that the Toohey's Australia ad is not known to these guys... It's just a bad rip-off, known to all involved except maybe the client. This sort of hoodwinking should be exposed and clients shouldn't stand for it. NOW THAT'S CLEAR!

CLAIRE said:

They both have wavy arm men. But that is where the similarities end. If you are saying that for the rest of time, any ad that features a wavy arm man, made in any other country is a copy of the aussie beer ad, you are retarded.

Craig said:

Saying this is like the Tooheys ad is like saying the ghost chips and the Vodafone ads are the same because they feature a teenage boys who are Maori.

bro said:

Very nice - Well done fellas. As for those trainspotting haters they should get their hand off it - advertising is more than a tenuous game of memory.

Boring said:

The truth is that clients don't care. They don't care that you copied the ad. They don't care that it is original or had an ounce of insightfully led creative thinking. What they do have is a date, a budget that's 3 times what they told you and you're going to need a time sheet review to get half of that. They've got a vision they can't quite articulate and penchant for changing things on a whim because they gave it the over-night test and the cat didn't like it.

And the Creatives don't care. They thought the brief lacked creative freedom to begin with. It was too prescriptive and confined. So in solemn protest, they spent 25mins of a 5 day allocation 'working on it', sitting at a local Ponsonby cafe, wiping $26 Bat Poo coffee out of their ironic beards and doodling cat pictures on iPads. After the first internal it was suggested they actually read the brief and the suit begged the client for more time, essentially fucking with 1 of the 2 things they really care about. Now the Creatives are so burnt out redoing their crappy script for the 14th time, in an effort to rewrite the clients sticky notes to make it sound warmer, make it more representative of the target market, dial up the fun factor, they just want it off their desks. They've presented the work to 6 different stakeholder groups, none of which talk to each other and all who know what actually works best in advertising. Don't you know.

And the Suits, well to be honest, they never cared in the first place. They just want the revenue in the door and the job off WIP. Is it going to be finished in the next 45mins? Do we need to have a meeting to talk about your priorities? Let's do a post campaign review. That works for me as it makes my problems of today somebody else's problems in the future.

An ad like this gets made because each person involved in it's delivery gave a little less of a crap than the person before them, side-stepping the hard stuff and offloading responsibility like a talented NRL player on the advantage line. And after re-arranging the chairs on the Titanic for the 5th time, the boat sinks, everybody claps each other on the back well done, then goes home and violently masturbates it all better.

Dear Boring said:

Really deep man.
Thank goodness that after so many years someone has come along and ripped the mask off to expose advertising for what it really is!
Thanks goodness that someone was you. On a comment section of a website no less.


Boring's mum said:

That really was boring.

Born with debilitating laughing syndrome said:

Was cured by this commercial

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