The New Zealand Herald launches advertising challenge - winners to receive a free trip to Rome

hero-5.jpgThe New Zealand Herald has announced the launch of the Herald Advertising Challenge, an annual competition inspiring and celebrating the very best creative and media work within Herald environments.

Full registration details will be unveiled on February 4 with entries to the Challenge open on February 10. Entries will require scamps, a media plan and a 1,500 word summary to enter. In the meantime, the Herald is encouraging media and creative brains to spend a moment or two thinking about which client they'd like to impress the most.

The Challenge will showcase the opportunities for large scale, integrated campaigns that exist across these channels, celebrating excellence in both creative ideas and media execution.

The winning team will receive $250,000 of Herald media towards their winning campaign, plus two people from the winning team will jet off into the sunset to attend the 2014 Festival of Media in Rome. A pretty compelling reason to get together a hot shot team and spend some time thinking about that campaign that 'you've always wanted to do.'

David Hoath, APN NZ Media's director of sales says the challenge is the perfect way to showcase the very best in creativity and strategy across the Herald's multimedia offering:

"We know our industry is highly talented, so we're posing the question - 'if you could do anything on the Herald for one of your clients, what would it be?' We want to encourage new and exciting campaign ideas; the Herald Advertising Challenge provides the canvas upon which these can come to life."


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