Young Director Award launches 2014 call for entries - entry deadline is Monday, April 14th

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 6.34.44 am.jpgYoung Directors Award (YDA) has officially opened its call for entries for this year's awards. YDA is encouraging everyone to send in their masterpieces and get set to be spotted by the world's leading producers.

The one and only submission rule is that films entered must be among the first four commercials ever made by the director the year before the award (January 1st 2013 to April 2014).

Entries will be accepted until Monday April 14th 2014 so submit your work now.

2014 is the Year of the New Director. Creative agencies, music labels, production companies and clients are scouring the world for new film making talent like never before. "We want fresh blood" goes up the universal cry from producers and creatives alike in search of fresh voices to make music videos, commercials and online films.

There is only one way to be noticed - by getting out there, making films, and getting them seen. The CFP-E Young Director's Award offers the best chance in the world to be noticed by those who matter. If you're unsigned, you'll be picked up by production companies, if you're newly signed to a production company you will soon be on the radar of creatives worldwide.

The next generation of film makers is the life blood of our production industry, says YDA president François Chilot, so as an association of producers it is only natural to want to create a showcase for tomorrow's directing stars. Although the work entered is among the director's first four pieces of work, those that excel at the craft and bring a fresh and original quality to their work rise to the top. The YDA simply makes that process of discovering excellence easier.

Directors hoping to make a name for themselves will have their work seen by a panel of industry experts, and shortlisted entries will be shown to the international advertising and production community at a super sparkly screening in Cannes at the advertising festival during the Cannes Lions week. Oh and did we mention career-boosting coverage in shots magazine?

This year YDA is introducing a new category, Charity films, because of the increasingly outstanding and experimental work by new directors in this area.

Also to give everyone a better chance of winning an award we are dividing the world regions into Europe, Northern America, Latin American, Asia Pacific, Africa and Middle East.

Aspiring directors can now submit their entries in the following categories which are divided into the six above regions:

• Animation
• Broadcast
• Charity
• Film School
• Music Video
• Short Film
• Test Commercial • Video Art
• Web Film

As producers are the life blood of our industry nurturing and developing the careers of new directors the YDA is proud to announce a new award for a producer who has been outstanding in promoting new talent over the last two years.

Get your entries in now!

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