Burger King launches Motel BK to help Kiwis cheat on the Whopper with the new TenderCrisp Chicken Burger range via Colenso BBDO, NZ

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 9.46.22 am.jpgAfter being booked out for four days straight Motel BK has closed its doors, having provided hundreds of Whopper fans a chance to cheat on beef with the new TenderCrisp Chicken Burger via Colenso BBDO, NZ.

The experiential elements were just the first part of a multi-layered campaign.



ann onimuss said:

oof, last time i cringed so hard was when i walked in on my parents as they were going at it like dogs. please don't do it again, burger king.

. said:

Awards not Burgers an interesting retail strategy from the BK marketing team.

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