Auckland Council to call for Expressions of Interest for communications services on Monday

On Monday Auckland Council will release an expression of interest (REOI) for services; lead for brand and integrated communications, digital communications, and integrated community communications.

The REOI details, amongst other requirements, a desire to work with specialists in communications who understand how to reach out and engage with communities through integrated communications and engagement activities.

Auckland Council is looking for innovative and proactive ways to connect with the region's diverse communities on their terms, as it works to deliver on the vision of creating the world's most liveable city.

Find further information in the REOI document which will be released on the GETS and lgtenders websites this Monday 7 April 2014. Register on one of these sites to download the REOI documents.


Cynical said:

Will it be a complete farce like last time they pitched? Lots of time, money and energy burned for no reason at all.

notagain said:

This makes the last one even more of a joke. Why not just pick from the last pitch that cost agencies so much money and time?

Question said:

Who's the incumbent for this turkey? The work is abysmal.

What said:

What work are you talking about question?

creative said:

we worked for months and months on the last round, only for you to go with the incumbent because they were cheapest. i am praying like mad my management tells you to go fuck yourselves.

LEN said:

the last pitch went to the lowest bidder.

Given I have had my mind on other things the debt of the council is fully out of control so like the cheap underwear I buy my mistress this pitch will again go the lowest bidder regardless of the work on the table.

And O&M, you better get ready to drop your pants even lower to save this account.

The Management said:

We're going for it.

Seconded said:

@creative Amen.

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