BMW launches April Fool's Day gag promoting the 'ZZZ Series Cot' via DDB New Zealand

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 2.12.30 pm.jpgEarlier today, in the spirit of April Fools' Day, BMW New Zealand announced the launch of its newest product; the BMW ZZZ Series Cot, via new content produced by DDB New Zealand.  
The BMW ZZZ Series Cot claimed to 'embody the spirit of The Ultimate Drive within the confines of a premium baby cot which simulates the noises and g-forces of a road journey; all in the comfort of the nursery.'

BMW New Zealand stated the cot was designed to aid new parents facing the age-old struggle of getting their infants to sleep.
Says Nina Englert, BMW New Zealand managing director. "The product was developed in response to the plight of millions of parents around the world who spend hours driving around the block in an effort to get their upset infants to sleep. We look forward to making their lives easier with this latest addition to our family."
A 50 second video created by DDB, was housed on the microsite and shared via BMW New Zealand's Facebook page. The nation's morning TV news programme also got behind the gag to fool their audience with a three minute segment fronted by their technology reporter.
Says Shane Bradnick, DDB executive creative director: "We know BMW for its trademark style and innovation, but they're also known for their great April Fools' Day pranks so we thought this the perfect opportunity to explore what else the ultimate driving machine could mean."
At 12pm, the campaign was announced as a prank and has since featured in top April Fools gags lists on news sites across the world.
Agency: DDB New Zealand
Executive Creative Director: Shane Bradnick
Digital Creative Director: Haydn Kerr
Art Director: Sam Schrey
Copywriter: Ben Pegler
General Manager: Oliver Lynch
Account Director: Emma Guadagni
Account Manager: Rebecca Kearsley
Agency Producer: Andy Robilliard
Client: BMW New Zealand
BMW NZ Managing Director: Nina Englert
BMW NZ National Sales and Marketing Manager: Greg Hedgepeth
BMW NZ Marketing Manager: Michelle Sinnott
BMW NZ Corporate Communications Manager: Edward Finn
Public Relations: Mango Communications
General Manager: Kathy Gieck
Senior Account Manager: Olivia Kinley
Prop Builder / Art Designer: Ashley Turner
Production Company: The Collective Force
DOP: Andreas Smetana
Editor & Sound Design: Guy Tichborne


Joker said:


April Blah said:

I bet you the creative team had some way better ideas but the client didn't want to go with anything too crazy. So they picked something that was pretty believable. And there lies the problem. If you aren't going to push the boat out on April Fools day, don't bother. Only brave clients should dabble in stuff like April Fools.

. said:

I can see why this won the pitch. Much better than a dog driving a car

@April Blah said:

Pretty Believable? I hope you never have kids that need transporting anywhere. Dummy.

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