Filmmaking duo Thunderlips joins Thieves

10178108_856145851078592_8574176369537638018_n.jpgAcclaimed filmmaking duo Thunderlips, aka Sean Wallace and Jordan Dodson, have joined Thick as Thieves. Hailed for their audacious and visionary music clip creation work, Thunderlips are a true collective team unto themselves.

Says Thunderlips: "Thunderlips drinks scotch for breakfast and eats dry coffee grounds. Thunderlips uses hot sauce as eye drops and wears leather socks. As directors of moving pictures, the Thunderlips method is to prepare meticulously, and then introduce chaos on set. Born in 2013 to image-hungery uber-men Sean Wallace and Jordan Dodson, Thunderlips lives in Auckland, New Zealand - but aspires to world domination."

Says Nik Beachman, Thick as Thieves EP: "Thunderlips' work has already been celebrated locally and internationally. These guys are a creative blunderbuss blazing their own maverick trail, and we intend to keep letting them do that in advertising content."

Thunderlips recently created a clip montage of bespoke GIFs and an associated Tumblr site for Perfect Hair Forever's 'Sad & Blue'. Their clip for 'Sheep, Dog and Wolf' shot on location in the Australian desert has been featured internationally as a Staff pic on Vimeo, onepointfour, and Directors notes; see a feature on making the clip here. Thunderclips was also behind Randa's 'Frankenstein' music video which was nominated for 'Best Music Video' at 2013 VNZMA's.


Dudes said:

Nice cock, and good work too.

Eoin said:

It's a real pitty about the ego that the big guys has on him though. That will bring them down.

Gus said:

RAD boys

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