Schick urges Kiwis to free their skin in a new outdoor campaign via Y&R New Zealand

63344_SCHICK-Animal-Beards-FERRET.jpgSchick has launched a new outdoor campaign urging Kiwis to free their skin via Y&R New Zealand.



Kate said:

Nice work, Tom. The female population of NZ owes you.

STOP said:


Cut it out, Y&R said:

You guys produce more scams than a Nigerian internet cafe.

^ yup, good point said:

Briefed and paid for by the client accompanied by an online prize giveaway. Run in adshels around the country. Picked up by The Daily Mail, Huffington Post, The Mirror, Cosmo Magazine etc etc. Yup, that's a scam.

@cut it out said:

Why is it when people see something different for a FMCG client they always cry scam ?.

Yes the Y&R see through billboard was rubbish but they seem to be doing some proper work now

No scam said:

Not a scam. They same idea was posted on the Schick Facebook wall earlier:

Wrong said:

No one with a meaty beard would consider shaving it off. It's a badge of tremendous honour. They would consider trimming it to stop it being unruly, but not shaving it right off. Great images, great retouching, just for the wrong product.

Jim said:

This isn't a scam. I've seen it everywhere. It's just not very good. The shots and retouching are great, but guys who grow great beards wouldn't consider a shaver. Ever. They may consider a beard trimmer, but never a razor. May we;; as offer them tampons.

I don't work there said:

But, i don't understand why people in the industry don't like this? Shareable, idea driven, clean executiuon, no star-burst, and all the boring stuff is in the bottom right hand corner?

The haters are clearly unemployed, and bitter. Mainly bitter. But mostly probably unemployed.

Send me your CVs!

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