Burger King turns NZ's BBQs into Backyard Burger Kings in new campaign via Colenso

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 8.05.14 am.jpgEvery summer, millions of flame grills are rolled out in backyards across New Zealand. So Colenso BBDO decided to turn the nation's BBQs into Backyard Burger Kings, and prove real burgers are cooked over real flames.

Over the next two months, 50 Backyard Burger Kings will open around the country. Kiwis supply the flames and BK supplies complete ingredients to make 16 Whoppers. Plus they will receive their own customized cooking utensils, hat, apron, matches and even a light up Burger King road sign. Everything a person needs to turn their home into the Home of the Whopper.

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 8.04.53 am.jpgBackyard Burger King kits are being given away through a TV, digital, in-store and social campaign with potential candidates being directed to apply at backyardbk.co.nz.

The response has been overwhelming, with over 12,500 applications in just over a week. Far exceeding the original target.

Says James Woodbridge, general manager of marketing at Burger King NZ: "Customers have been overwhelming excited based on FB sentiment and the campaign engagement has been right up there with our Joseph Parker activations. To have this many entries just shows how many Burger King fans are keen to experience our flame grilled burgers at home. We've always had an active and engaged group of social followers so we can't wait to see what they share from there own personal Backyard BK's."

Says Steve Cochran, ECD at Colenso BBDO: "Burger King's been using flames to cook Whoppers since 1957. Despite almost sixty years of cooking this way, many people don't know or don't believe their burgers are still made over real flames. Backyard Burger King is an engaging way to help reassure them they are."

Clients: Burger King NZ - James Woodbridge (General Manager of Marketing) and Chet Patel (Marketing Manager)
Agency: Colenso BBDO
Social Media: Colenso BBDO
Media Agency: Y&R
Experiential / PR Agency: Colenso BBDO


Tia said:

I would love to put a backyard bk BBQ for my family we love bk please thank you email me

Tom geddes said:

I'm doing up my BBQ area my 4 kids love bk always asking to go as we live out of town it would be amazing to win this
Email me please

Adair said:

As a family we would love to have back yard bk bbq thanks

Simon said:

I don't do face book

Give it to Tom geddes said:

give it to Tom geddes sucks living out of town hook the family up

Son of the King said:

Oh yeah Whopper me and the tribe up haha I'll grill the boys up a mean BK backyard BBQ. That's the way Burger King please hit me back wif some good news Yeeehaa 😆

Peter Cave said:

Burger King and I.

Louise said:

Bring on the Bk bbq!!!!🍞🍅🐄🍃=🍔👑=💖

zaben said:

i will love a backyard bk please can i have one for my mums bday please email me back

Shar Phillips said:

Good to have when my house is built in Tauranga. Good for my family/friends get togethers. We will have a awesome el Fresco area so totally ideal and good advertising for BK..

tracey grant said:

hi would like to have a burgerking bbq in my backyard. i love there Double whoppers Combo's. always made to order .. yummo!! and our kids love the kids deals...

Kellye said:

I would love this! We live in taihape and we don't have Burger King 😢. I would love this pack for my daughters 6th party as she loves it!!!!!!!!! Thanks 😊

Andrew said:

I reckon this would be so cool to win,we don`t have a Bk out our way.ever time we go to town i always head to BK for a Whopper.

Andrea said:

Hi, could you please hook me up with a Backyard BK, i have my 40th on the last day of Feb and would love it if we could do this for my family and 2 boys.

Cassandra said:

with a family of 11 living under 1 roof what more can I say

deidre lock said:

we want to rock it and roll it bk style with family and friends
- to share the joy of yummy BK taste !! stunning

Deana tearii said:

My family and I love bk and to be able to make the burgers ourselves on our BBQ would be awesome.

paul said:

Oh yeah bring NK to me!

sonya said:

My best friend is emigrating to the UK love to throw a backyard bbq fro BK cheers Sonya

vicky said:

My daughter will be 21 in April. She said she dosent want a party. Who wouldn't want a BK party. That would be so cooool ! Thanks

Quinn said:

we love bk, we had it for lunch and it would be better to make it for lunch everyday so plz email me so we can have some BK.

Please pick me said:

Please send me your sub par food so I can punish my children for not doing the dishes! Hopefully a bit of obesity will teach them a lesson.

carey goodwin said:

Hey BK HiT Me BaCk WiTH A EmaiL ThE WoPPeR is My MoST FaVoRiTe BuRgEr iN ThE WoRLD AnD I LoVE ThEm !!! HuK Me Up ThE BK BaCk YaRD BBQ An I WiL Do U PrOuD..LoVe BK 4EvA :)

chris said:

I see the ads are still on tv come on pick me I need food

Phillip said:

How much is the burger deal ,

Shannon said:

I would like back yard bk so I can have fun cooking it and eating it with famliy

Sophie MInarapa said:

Hi is there any chance I could get some BK material for my sons 8th Birthday in May. He loves the Bomb burgers and of lately has upgraded to XL bomb. If i could do this for him he would be stoked. Thank you

Ed Gunn (Mumbai) said:

Hi can i pls do one in mumbai? when will u hav chickn masla burgr. thanks.
or vegetarian, no beef though.........

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