NZ Transport Agency launches new 'Feel More, Ride More' campaign via Clemenger BBDO

* Hero_Joy_Riding_cropped_v1.jpgNZ Transport Agency, along with Clemenger BBDO, has launched a new campaign for cycling, 'Feel More, Ride More'.

This campaign is the first stage of an ambitious 3 year programme aiming to get 10 million more trips made by bike, by 2019.

The launch begins with colourful street posters, murals, and an AV piece.

Poster_Image1 (1).jpgThe campaign aims to encourage people to use their bikes for commuter and day to day trips around town, promising they'll get more out of their journey if they travel by bike.

Says Victoria Slade, senior advertising advisor at NZ Transport Agency: "Research told us people find excuses not to use their bikes for day to day trips. It's raining, there are limited places to chain my bike and they're put Poster_Image2 (1).jpgoff by getting a little sweaty. We needed more people to get over these barriers and use their bikes more often for commuter and day to day trips."

Says Brigid Alkema, ECD at Clemenger BBDO: "When we spoke to cyclists, one thing they all had in common was that riding their bikes made them feel good. Whether that was exhilarated, powerful, peaceful - they all felt more."

Poster_Image3 (1).jpgSays Slade: "This is a brave direction for cycling and very different to the messages that are already out there. It doesn't deny the challenging aspects of cycling, but focuses on encouraging and motivating people to care less about these, and promises they'll get to feel more in return."

Agency: Clemenger BBDO
Media Agency: OMD
Client: NZ Transport Agency
Poster_Image4 (1).jpgProduction Company: The Sweet Shop

Poster_Image5 (1).jpg

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