Spark launches new #NoEggLeftBehind social campaign this Easter via Colenso BBDO, NZ

nnxB2ouuKZ1gA4aRsr9adTBB8ux5ID-ruyYRd1Cu3dg.jpgWith Easter fast approaching, Spark is launching a social campaign, #NoEggLeftBehind via Colenso BBDO. This campaign will help Kiwis track and find their Easter eggs in the free time most New Zealanders have over the holiday weekend.

Spark has identified a nationwide problem that over the years has seen thousands of Easter eggs abandoned. Sadly, many Easter eggs are being left behind in hiding spots that not even the best egg hunters can find, so to help stop this mass egg neglect, Spark will be initiating a conversation on how to track and find Easter eggs effectively over the Easter period.

KZU-gUdDccObDsoTbgBvULDdRkRaVTVw2GZeKmIOdok.jpgThis campaign will showcase how, with the right combination of technology and customer input, we can solve some huge problems. Finding lost Easter eggs and _YaKlreVXPY6lMMviqgxCWWz9fM-LawHFaABz5KB8vc.jpgminimising environmental waste is a win for Spark and a win for New Zealand.

Spark will be rolling out a series of posts on social media to encourage potential egg hiders and hunters to consider how they track down eggs that might otherwise be left in the harsh New Zealand sun, caught by southerly winds or demolished by the stray neighbourhood cat.fqYQj22aFg3YPViOvSJHlZFW1G_Rsf4JBwuYYRgggIQ.jpg

Spark is asking New Zealanders to share their best egg hunting tips, to encourage others who may have given up the hunt to get up and find every morsel of chocolate hiding in their backyards. The best tips and tricks from will go in the draw for an egg tracker pack and other Easter treats.

Client: Spark
Daniel Burnside - Spark project lead, communications executive
Frith Wilson-Hughes - Communications manager social
Anaru Tuhi - Communications Assistant, PR
Agency: Colenso BBDO
Hugo Parcell - Project lead
Alex Polglase - Creative
qyJhLsTbVe2XDM3e-v_CcIKAcrZgOp8U9OCQIyA9mZg.jpgJoel Francis - Creative
Jamie Wong - Strategist


why clients hate advertis... actually, they just hate wank said:

"Spark has identified a nationwide problem that over the years has seen thousands of Easter eggs abandoned."

Yup. Says it all really.

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