Cannes Contenders: DDB, New Zealand

How will New Zealand perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges...

The Breast Cancer Screenings_Shot 3[1][1][4].jpgRialto Channel: Breast Cancer Screenings
DDB, New Zealand

Rialto Channel, the home of serious cinema, wanted to show that its films connect with audiences on a much deeper level. So DDB New Zealand, made the audience part of the story, using films in a way they've never been used before: to fight breast cancer.
URXXL PR image 1 (1)-thumb-400x237-236638.jpgSKY: Silicon Valley URXXL
DDB, New Zealand

The HBO series 'Silicon Valley' has two audiences. Regular fans and hardcore fans (who engage much deeper with the show and its inside jokes). So, to launch the new season of the show, DDB Group New Zealand, created an interactive campaign that engaged the regular fans over the radio, but also rewarded the hardcore fans by directing them to a digital challenge.
billboard-1-1130x565 (1).jpgSteinlager Tokyo Dry
DDB, New Zealand

New Zealand's raw ingredients meet Japanese brewing mastery, resulting in a collision of two cultures.

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