Case Study: Testicular Cancer New Zealand and FCB asks Kiwis to #GOBALLSOUT for International Testicular Cancer Awareness Month

Testicular.jpgCase Study: FCB New Zealand launched #GoBallsOut in April, a provocative social campaign with Testicular Cancer New Zealand to raise awareness for International Testicular Cancer Awareness Month, which encouraged young men to exercise to reduce the risks of Testicular Cancer and check their testicles.
#GoBallsOut set out to tackle any social stigma head on by ensuring testicles were visually front and centre, asking people to walk, run, cycle, skip, kayak the outline of a "Cock & Balls" by using a fitness App such as Strava, MapMyWalk, Runtastic etc. before challenging their friends to do the same.

Says FCB Executive Creative Director Tony Clewett: "It's not every day you present a doodle of a cock'n'balls to a client - all with a straight face. Generally, a career ending move. Fortunately, they loved it, and said go for it. So we did. Big. Long. Short. Stubby. Wonky...".
National media were challenged to talk openly about the issue resulting in a series of TV and radio interviews which were quickly picked up by international media. As the campaign grew momentum, a heavy social and digital layer drove users to  where they could view a gallery of user generated Cock & Balls, find a route near them and view an engaging, step by step instructional video on how to check their testicles.
Campaign Results:
Within 24 hours, the campaign was trending on Mashable and the BBC
Secured over 400 editorial mentions internationally
86% of men 15-39 in NZ were reached across the campaign period
Testicular Cancer NZ proactively approached by TomTom global
194 countries reached out of 196
71% increase in awareness that exercise helps prevent testicular cancer
Video viewed over four million times
Hundreds of Cock & Balls created and shared internationally
"Early detection is critical for Testicular Cancer treatment, as it leads to better outcomes for patients," says Graeme Woodside, CEO of Testicular Cancer New Zealand. "We want young men to understand that exercise may reduce the risk of Testicular Cancer and learn how to confidently check themselves and know what to watch out for. Asking people to #GoBallsOut raises awareness of Testicular Cancer in a provocative and visual way. Ultimately however, we want people to 'check their balls' and keep themselves safe."
"We hope this campaign will get people talking and walking, as awareness and exercise are both key" says Woodside. "We want young men to 'Go Balls Out' to show the world they've got the message, and are willing to start the conversation. Guys love some competition, and when it comes to Cock & Balls, they can get very competitive!"

Agency: FCB New Zealand
Regional Executive Creative Director: James Mok
Executive Creative Director: Tony Clewett
Creative: Peter Vegas
Creative: Scott Kelly
Creative: Leisa Wall
Head of Craft: Nick Smith
Finished Artist /s: Chloe Baxter
Creative Services Director: Jenni Doubleday
Head of Content / Exec Producer: Pip Mayne
Content Director | DOP & Photographer: Mike Braid
Editor /s: Digital and Case Studies: Jared Yearsley
Group Account Director: Toby Sellers
Account Manager: Jade Seaton
Digital Strategy Director: Dan West
Data Strategist: Qassem Naim
Media Director: Steph Pearson
Media Planner/Buyer: Stacey Hay
Digital Buyer: Abbey-Rose Clarke
Head of PR, Activation & Social: Angela Spain
PR Account Director: Harriet Mahaffie
PR Account Manager: Amanda McClatchie
Senior Digital Producer: Nick Pengelly
Digital Developer: Andrew Jackson
Production Company: Go Balls Out Video
Production Company Animation Directors: Jonny Kofoed | Matt Von Trott
Production Company Producer: Amanda Chambers
Sound Studio: Park Roast Post | Liquid Studios
Music Composer: Jonny Kofoed | Assembly
Studio Engineer: Record Voice Park Road Post | Toby Lloyd
Studio Engineer: Mix: Liquid Studio | Craig Matuschka
Illustration Company: The Jacky Winter Group
Illustrator | Artist: Sean Morris
Producer: Mika Parow

Client: Testicular Cancer NZ
CEO: Graeme Woodside
National Support Manager: Clare Gard


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