Rugby legends star in adidas Rugby's global 'Next Is Everything' campaign via Augusto NZ

NIE.jpgLaunching today, Augusto NZ has developed and produced a new global adidas Rugby campaign, positioned as 'Next Is Everything'.

Featuring a handful of the world's most influential rugby players, including England's Maro Itoje & Anthony Watson, France's Baptiste Serin, the All Blacks' Savea brothers and NZ Women's Sevens star, Tyla Nathan Wong, the campaign aims to unite adidas Rugby markets under one global proposition.

Social tease videos last week had fans eager to see what's to come with the official launch film dropping today. But this is just the start of the new "Next is Everything" campaign, which will soon be followed by an ongoing series of videos and social imagery promoting key players and a new boot range over the next few months - all released via social where adidas Rugby predominantly focuses its marketing activity.

Says Matt Sellars, joint-creative director, Augusto: "Working with plenty of the world's top rugby players since we joined Augusto 18 months ago, it's evident they all have a shared mentality about always looking ahead, not relying on the past, which became the basis of the entire campaign."

Says Rich Robson, co-creative director, Augusto: "This has been a great opportunity for us to rally players from all regions under a mutual love of the game. Rugby is one of the fastest growing sports globally, so we wanted to create a rugby campaign for the newer generation of fans and players. One that shifts away from sporting heritage towards a more exciting, and future-facing positioning better suited to the modern game."

The production of this campaign was also no small feat, stretching the globe to London and Paris, with multiple stills and video units capturing the extensive number of campaign elements that feed into the new global campaign.

Says Michelle Walshe, CEO and founder, Augusto: "This is a big milestone. We were awarded the work out of Germany off the strength of our strategic and creative thinking and then brought it to life across production, post production and design almost entirely inside Augusto. This is the type of work we hang our hat on and it's a perfect example of the Augusto magic that only comes from true end-to-end collaboration."

This work further bolsters Augusto's international credits following the UK launch of its feature film Chasing Great, the US premiere of Discovery Networks' Everest Rescue, and its recent expansion into the US market out of New York.

adidas Rugby
Global Communications Manager: Adam Daysh

Creative: Augusto
Creative Director: Rich Robson
Creative Director: Matt Sellars
Director: Michelle Walshe
Senior Account Manager: Lauren Oxnam
Head of Strategy: Jono Allen
Producer: Brad Harvey, Amy Molloy
DOP: Adam Docker (UK, France), Dave Cameron, Bevan Crothers (NZ)
2nd Unit Director: James Anderson
Editor: Mariano Segedin
Lead Motion Designer: Shaun Madgwick
Motion Designer: David Frearson
Lead Designer: James Davison
Designer: Lena Panaita
Illustrator Animator: Mathieu Smorto
Sound Design: Liquid Studios
Colour Grade: Andrew Brown, Toybox
Composer: Patrick Hawkins, Stu Maxwell
Stills Photographer: Graeme Murray, Roger Keller (Europe)


Chur said:

Awesome work lads!

Oh No said:

This is low-bow drivel sorry guys not a good effort....

yeah nah said:

Fun, entertaining and fresh for rugby. Hardly drivel, mate. Back to your banners.

Next said:

Why is Maro Itoje wearing an All Blacks training jersey? Because none of his teams wear adidas? The generic prize winning board at 0:15 is lazy also.

Disappointed. said:

For one of the most exciting sport in the world, with one of the most exciting brands - this is incredibly boring. Looks like a low budget animatic for an idea that shouldn't have made it past the first round.

The mid-noughties called. said:

And they want their client-friendly manifesto animatic back that was supposed to be used to sell the big idea - not this rubbish idea (what idea?) that repeats the same phrase over and over again to reinforce the fact that adidas is 'next'.

If you have to say 'next' a hundred times, then you ain't' ever going to be.

Take it on the chin and have another go. said:

That's like a Rebel Sport ad from before Regan made them interesting. That's just bloody awful. I don't even recognise the global brand that it represents.

It looks like the budget must have been 30k.

rug said:

what song is used for the ad?

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