Brett Colliver's Cannes Diary: Day 59

Brett Colliver headshot.jpgBrett Colliver (left), CD, DDB is representing New Zealand on the Cannes Cyber Lions jury. Colliver, along with most of the other NZ and Australian jurors, is reporting exclusively for CB.

After 3 days of judging some clear trends have emerged.

  • "Fake news" has "divided" approximately 307 of the 195 countries in the world
  • We made way too many Mannequin Challenge videos last year
  • Donald Trump is owed a lot of royalties for all of the case studies he's appeared in
  • And we still don't look any cooler in VR headsets
But there's one trend has become even more apparent:

  • Sharing your idea on Facebook apparently makes it a digital campaign.
I have some bad news. It doesn't.
Before I sound too much like a cynical ass who's been locked in a dark room looking at case studies for too long, let me just say, I get it.

You've made a piece of work that you have high hopes for and you want to enter it into everything that you can. We've all done it. But if it's not a proper fit for the category then you're just wasting time and money.

This year the Cyber jury is being ruthless on anything that isn't a digital idea at its heart. And deep down I think we all know what that means.

Gone are the days where simply adding a hashtag or adding a microsite or some Instagram photos was enough to tick the digital box.

There's even a lot of chat about whether online videos, given their rise to ubiquity, is good enough these days. Most of the online films we've seen are just long TV ads that happen to have been put on the internet. And that doesn't make them bad. A lot of them are great.  But there's a category in Film for online videos, so unless your entry uses or relies on the digital medium in a smart way, think carefully about entering it into Cyber.

After 3 days I've seen dozens of ideas get stomped on because they're clearly a great promo, piece of outdoor or even TV commercial attempting to masquerade as digital. These pieces will no doubt win in other categories, and probably win big. But I doubt they're going to get anywhere near our shortlist.

So bear that in mind for 2018. If you have a piece of work that you love, really interrogate whether it's actually a digital idea. Because whilst we all love being able to win in multiple categories, you're probably better off saving the €600 to buy champagne at The Carlton after you win in the correct category.

You'll get at least half a bottle for that kind of money.

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