Cannes: Tech, Meet Creative. Creative, Meet Tech

68772c7a5ff08ed591f087e240f02b42.jpgLondon agency Honeycomb's product Evangelist, Ben Smith (left) explains why - and how - creatives and tech companies should be on a collision course at Cannes Lions.

Every year at the Cannes Lions festival there's an inexplicable divide between tech companies and creatives. The festival is a rare opportunity to explore the creativity behind the ads, and the rapid advancements in tech which can make new stuff happen, so it's a mystery to me why the two groups remain so polarised. It's about time these two worlds collided.

I've worked on the tech side for creatives for the past 20+ years mediating (or, often, translating) between the two worlds. This year, in the spirit of unity, progress and better ads, I'm sharing my tips ahead of the festival to bring the two worlds together.
Creatives, see my tips below on making the most of tech's opportunities. Tech people, scroll down to see how to connect with the creatives on the Croisette.

Creatives, You Need to Read This:

It can be easy to get drawn in by flashing lights, futuristic headsets and sci-fi wizardry and ignore everything else. Whilst VR, AR and AI are all important trends to get our heads around, you shouldn't overlook the functional tech companies. If you're running big projects, you'll always need to have a platform underneath that. There are some huge developments happening in the worlds of media sharing and reviewing software, versioning and project management. These could be game changers for you, and this is your opportunity to understand what they could offer. Don't miss out. CONTINUE READING ON LBB...

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