Laurie Geddes' Cannes Diary #2

the gang.jpgLaurie Geddes, creative group head, J. Walter Thompson, Sydney is representing Australia on the Cannes Film Lions jury. Geddes, along with most of the other Australian and NZ jurors reports exclusively for Campaign Brief.

Day 2

Bizarrely, we finish the day early. At 3pm they suddenly announce we are done and free to frolic in Cannes for the rest of the day.

Tragically, however, I have been struck down by a vicious flu, no doubt thanks to the flying germ incubator that brought me here. So I spend my frolicking time lying in my hotel bed, alternately aching, shivering and sweating. Kind of like an epic hangover, but without any of the fun that should have preceded it.
Two days in and some definite themes are emerging. Notably, Trump, walls, and the rights of women, and gay and transgender people. That said, much of the work that really stands out, that's already got a definite whiff of metal about it, doesn't follow any of those trends.

I'm surprised by how little work I'm seeing from Australia and New Zealand. But what I am seeing is of a universally high calibre. Is it a sign of our overall higher standard of work? Or are we just more realistic down under? Either way, it will be interesting to see whether that translates into a higher percentage of it picking up.

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