Frucor brand V Energy attempts to 'outsmart the afternoon' in debut campaign via Many Minds

V-Energy-bum-virus.jpgV-ENERGY-CONCRETE.jpgFrucor has launched the debut campaign of newly appointed agency Many Minds.

The two spots, starring comedians Cole Jenkins and Ashton Brown playing mischievous characters After and Noon, show how punters can 'outsmart the afternoon'.

Interestingly, only one of the spots, 'Office', is on air, while the other , 'Concrete' is only on YouTube, presumably because it features workers shooting nail guns at the two characters.


Agency: Many Minds
Director: Oliver Green
Producer: Stu Giles
Executive Producer: Matt Noonan
Cinematographer: John Toon
Production Designer: Neville Stevenson
Costume Stylist: Emma Skudder
Editor: Alex O'Shaughnessy
Colourist: Pete Ritchie
VFX: Barnaby Bretton @ Mesh FX
End Frame Graphic Design & Animation : Glen Atkins @ The Rig
Sound Engineer: Glen Cleaver
Music sting composers: Chris van de Geer & Joost Langeveld 

Client: John Alexander


Many minds do not make great work said:

Appallingly bad. Embarrassing. I actually like the strategic return to owning the mid-afternoon wake-up call. But this just looks like a lame version of the Lift Plus gags (which were quite good in their time), from ages ago. But this is poorly written, badly acted, and perhaps an example of 50 year olds writing trying to write something relevant to a teen/early-20s audience? Even the creatives involved are embarrassed - no credits listed for them!

Optional said:

Nasty. Just nasty.

George Ian Calendar said:

After and Noon for V. Today and Tomorrow for AMP. Over and Out for Many Minds?

Sey said:

No creative credits is often a sign.

The Judge said:

My son really likes the 'Bum-bum' gag. Kept him going all weekend.

Verdict: It's funny, infantile and probably better for sales than the earnest stuff from BBDO.

Phil said:

Brilliant. Good old fashioned idea...Create a problem, use the product, problem goes away.

@Phil said:

Brilliant? Really? If you think these ads are brilliant then I highly suggest you go work in a totally different industry, as you are clearly not suited to this one.

Red Bull said:

Acting is overplayed and hard to watch.
Client enforced green Grade makes it look like you have put raw files to air.
Fluro green props everywhere.
Bad post.
This spots is birthing trolls it is that bad.

No Creative credits and surely the final straw for Curious.

@many minds do not make great work said:

Leave the fifty-something crack where it belongs.
It is not about age, its about talent.
I've seen plenty of twenty somethings come up with cliched dribble that would put even this to shame. I bet Wortho could still out write, out think and out idea most twenty-somethings.

Whacky said:

Straight outta 90's Mojo...

Eww... said:

Looks like some people don't like MM's, the petty age comments are ultimately self destructive as it insinuates anyone over a certain age is crap. Try saying that to your mum or dad.
The bitter truth is that juniors now entering the industry will probably only ever earn half of what the types of creatives at MM were once paid at large agencies. So the resentment that was written was probably typed as a result of long hours and poor pay. But to write that believe it must mean that the person has a second career option in mind once they hit 35, or they're hoping to get the call to work at Facebook, Google or Accenture.
Good luck with that. Ewwww, Accenture or the worlds two biggest spam companies.
Hope their KiwiSaver is getting filling up nicely and is in a Growth fund.

Guess again said:

@ Eww - I think you are mixing up 'resentment' with 'revulsion at how utterly awful this work is'.

And its not just industry folk who think so - go check out the response from the core V consumers on social media and you will see just how utterly this work is missing the mark.

eugh said:

Only just seen this. Had heard it was awful but presumed that was the usual slagging off of work from other agencies that seems to be part and parcel of this industry.

But, in this case, wow. If anything, the people who had been talking about this were being kind. Because this is just god awful

booboodo said:

So it is colenso creatives who cry baby on here... Tough place to be when you don't have real individual talent I expect

Phil said:

Disappointed to see all the negative comments. They must have been posted in the afternoon

Phil's Doctor... said:


Phil again said:

Hey Doc, if being in the industry for over 25 years means I'm blind then call me Helen Kella

Phil P said:

Thought I'd chip in to say I'm not the Phil commenting above and getting slagged for said comments. I haven't even watched the spots. Usually the comments here are more gutsy, creative and interesting than the work preceding them anyway. And as for V, well that shit is a scourge that should be more illegal than rather more enjoyable illicit drugs.

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