Apex Insurance celebrates risky business in its first campaign via creative director Kit Lawrence

4 (1).jpgAuckland's Apex Insurance has taken a creative step with its first advertising campaign created by freelance creative director Kit Lawrence (formally of Y brand).

Currently in market around Auckland's CBD, Risk it all intends to spark the imagination with week-long runs of text only 'teaser' and full bleed 'reveals', bold and elegant images that avoid obvious associations with risk. The link between an ocean-going container ship, a rocket and a ballerina might not be clear at first, but in the pursuit of their goal, they are all high-risk ventures.
sLN4rKMaATj7kqv5i18viqwyDaCiKH-t58nymhI-8BI (1).jpgThe concept came after Lawrence's conversations with Apex Insurance's managing director James McGhie.

Says Lawrence: "I found it inspiring that James' team spend their days taking calls and backing people who take film crews into the jungle or elite sportspeople who push their bodies beyond normal limits. They often work with people 1Z3SKg1ZnKP8QM15lmyNKSV3rAHGsHYjNOA85RPCIMY (1).jpgwho are clearly willing to go beyond safety to achieve their goals. Coming from England it's clear to me that adventure is deeply ingrained in the kiwi spirit, but it also shows in the New Zealand business community. They celebrate risk takers.

"Some of Apex's clients are pursuing a dream that will only come true if they throw caution completely out the 8tk6QzuJK7uKmybQvid2XYNTD-hn-KIsOnsl3TJO3J4 (1).jpgwindow and go for it. That requires someone to back them up at key moments who understands where they're coming from and shares the same pioneering spirit."

A risk taker might not only be found half way up a mountain, it can also be the person working 18 hours a day on a new line of code that could break the internet.

gKGoMgJM-N0U88uguALAL2yYuOMqMC_8knr175hk6u8.jpgOne of the more subtle designs depicts a millennial absorbed in their laptop, perched on the edge of a rooftop. They could be working on the latest music production or filing the patent on the next must-have app.

And some kiwi businesses are setting their sights higher.

Says McGhie: "Recently we've seen New Zealand companies starting to enter the tech space race. That's a huge step up from garden shed inventors. These are Apex's kind of people. New school explorers, bold thinkers, highly skilled "can-do" kiwis.

Client: Apex Insurance

MD: James McGhie

Strategy/Creative direction/Copywriting: Kit Lawrence 


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Hats off,brilliant stuff.

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