BNZ puts its customers in the spotlight in new campaign via Colenso BBDO + Designworks

bnznew.jpgThe Bank of New Zealand has today launched a new brand platform via Colenso BBDO and Designworks, that is an evolution as to how the bank engages with its customers.

The new creative is built around New Zealanders going about their everyday lives and demonstrates just some of the ways that BNZ products and services fit in around them.   

Says Paul Carter, director of retail and marketing, BNZ: "We want to be part of a high achieving New Zealand and this refreshed brand platform, we think, reflects that ambition in a way we're very proud of.

"For some time now we've been known for helping New Zealanders be good with money and that's not going to change - we very much see this as our calling.  This latest creative is an optimistic evolution of that and brings to life some of the ways we help whether that's helping to adjust your home loan payments to suit your new circumstances or helping you to visualise a money goal in a way that's going to motivate you more to reach it.  We know that the way our customers live and do business should be the starting position for how we design and build better banking propositions and services - they're taking banking into the future right alongside us."

Carter said it wasn't a case of 'they demand we build' but more a progression of how Bank of New Zealand adapts and engages: "This approach has worked well for us already, with things like our internet banking functionality (that 25,000 New Zealanders helped us design), and for us this is about making it the new norm - working together to create the best proposition for our customers as well as removing the obstacles that hinder our customers' progress." 

Says Steve Cochran, ECD, Colenso BBDO: "Many brands talk about being customer-first behind closed doors in strategy meetings. It's great to be able to take that positioning and wear it proudly and loudly, knowing it's already in action throughout BNZ.

"The launch of this new platform has given us and Designworks, the chance to re-invigorate the brand with a fresh and more contemporary feel. We wanted to capture the diversity that New Zealand has today, and a spirit of progress and optimism for tomorrow."

Agency: Colenso BBDO
Prod Co: The Sweetshop
Director: Campbell Hooper
Brand Design: Designworks


T. Elly said:

Colenso is brilliant at many things, but they simply don't know how to do TV. They're not alone in this.

The Judge said:

Oh dear, I'm commenting on a Colenso piece of work again. Look, I'm not trying to pick on you, it's just that this seems utterly generic. It reminds me of the piss-take ad from a few years ago entitled 'This is a generic ad'. I'm sure it's searchable.

But the old 'Be everything to everyone by showing our diverse and amazing range of employees who just happen to be just like you' strategy needs an outstanding execution to save it from death by genericide. This doesn't do it. The talent pool at Colenso is second-to-none, I'm sure that there's a plausible reason for this work.

Like the Spark campaign from last week, this commercial seems cut from the same mold. Surely there was a better way to spend the money?

Previously, Colenso did ideas with BNZ. I didn't like all of them (and the head client), but at least they were ideas. The only positive is that BNZ is spending money in the lead up to the summer house market.

Westpac's next, I wonder what they'll do?

@ Judge said:

I don't work at Colenso, but do wonder what miraculous work you have done that you would like to share for critique? Oh right, you're a faceless chump hiding behind a anonymous name.

Maybe whatever 2nd rate agency you work at would be better off if you spent less time having hate wanks over other peoples work and went back to actually having the first good idea of your career.

Prod. said:

T.Elly, please can I direct you to the TV for Pedigree (when they move out, you move on) and Milk Slams.

Sue Vera said:

I like it! But I wonder if it would be the next best step for colenso to elaborate on these customers stories..I like the new direction for BNZ, but will the actual bank live up to the marketing campaign, diverse and innovative? Only time will tell.

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