Reggie the dog takes over DogZen's social media account in latest campaign via Young+Shand

8ApcbtlWGzTArX8HaG6h4RiSPdfYZI6nhXiT8myo7rk (1).jpgDogZen, an online dog training program created by dog training expert Mark Vette, has launched its latest campaign via Young+Shand, which is controlled by Vette's own dog Reggie.

When Vette trained his dog to fly a plane, he thought he might have reached the pinnacle of his dog, Reggie's training. That was until Young+Shand set the pair a new challenge.

DogZen needed a new and fresh campaign. Built on his philosophy of training, DogZen focuses on teaching owners to see the world through a dog's perspective.

In just three months, Vette has taught Reggie to operate his own Snap Specs and share his world on his snap channel, @ReggieDoesSnaps. With thousands of followers from all over the world already, and hundreds more being added each week, Reggie is already becoming a social media star, and has taken over Vette's social media management for DogZen.

Reggie snaps daily activities; this can be everything and anything from just eating breakfast to covering the coveted America's Cup parade in Auckland. And with his celebrity status on the rise he has already made numerous appearances in NZ and Australia news media including Jono & Ben, The Edge TV, Seven Sharp, and Sunrise in Australia; Reggie is now getting more requests to turn up to events than Mark.

Agency - Young+Shand
Creative Director - Tim Wood
Art Director - Ben Carroll
Copywriter - Karla Tarr
Senior Designer - Ryan Overeem
Director of Photography - Alex McVinnie
Senior Producer - Caroline Wells
Account Manager - Daniel O'Leary
Strategist - Rachael Crosby
Digital Media Technologist - Luke Gray
Campaign Manager - Alison Van Minnen
Creative Services - Kereti Kanawa
PR: Alisa Keall-Grant
Client: Mark Vette and Kim Morresey


Well said:

If no one else is going to say it, I will.

This is really, really good.

I'd say said:

Driving Dogs Lite

@Well said:

Only someone who works at Young and Shand would say that.

@ @well said:

Actually, I work in Melbourne, so you're way off there.

well this is awkard said:
Not so awkward? said:

Looks like the glasses were modified with a switch thing and the dog was taught to turn them on and off.

it's still a bit awkward sorry. said:

they changed it ever so slightly.
Our job is to come up with ideas. not copy existing ones and modify them slightly.

that awkward moment said:

when the idea you stole gets found.

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