Spark celebrates family in follow-up to 'Little Can Be Huge' brand campaign via Colenso BBDO

Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 10.11.42 am.jpgFollowing the launch of 'Little can be huge' earlier in August, Spark have come out with the first of many stories extending moments from its launch ad via Colenso BBDO. Dubbed 'Celebrate Family', the film is an emotional take on Spark's 'Little can be huge' platform.

Colenso CCO, Levi Slavin, says it's a story about how a little thought, a little online research, and a little effort can make all the difference in the world.

The film tells the story of a single mum and her 10-year-old boy in the weeks leading up to Father's Day. Mum does her best not to show it, but we can tell that this is a particularly difficult time of year.
Says Sarah Williams, head of brand at Spark: "We love this story. 'Little can be huge' is a powerful, and universal truth, and we couldn't wait to start to use it to tell some genuine, emotional, kiwi stories."
'Celebrate Family' features Atticus Iti and Reina Webster-Iti, the mum and son from the 'Little can be huge' spot. The pair are a real mother and son (although off-screen, Atticus' dad is most definitely part of the family, too).
The story plays out against 'Imagining My Man' - a song from rising kiwi star Aldous Harding, and will run on TV, cinema and online for two weeks around around Father's Day.
Client: Spark
Clive Ormerod, General Manager Customer and Marketing
Sarah Williams, Head of Brand, Communications and Experience
Hannah Watson, Brand and Communications Manager
Agency: Colenso BBDO
Media: PHD
Production company: FINCH
Sound: Franklin Road


The Judge said:

I liked it. It has all the elements of those classic tear jerker Thai spots. Well done.

Well... said:

That's a very big u-turn for Spark.

Beautiful piece.

well fuck me said:

That is great.

KH said:

Really nice, spot on.

Isn't it funny said:

How the anonymous 'judges' who decree that Colenso 'don't do good TV' seem to be on holiday when things like this or the Pedigree adoption ads launch....

With any luck, they'll finally have decided to stop trolling and start try to match this standard

CM said:

Love it. Great spot.

@ isn't it funny said:

Credit given where credit's due. this is good. But criticism given where criticism is due too. Some stuff isn't good.

The Judge said:

Dear Mr or Ms Isn't it funny,

Those weren't my words. It was another judge posing as me.

Also, the 'doesn't do good tv' comment was in another blog. So, please wipe the blood from your eyes, calm down, stop spewing hatred and give a critical analysis like I always do- or at least try to.

Overall, I think Colenso do a great job. But, like the lead manifesto ad of this campaign and the BNZ manifesto ad, they were both rather lacklustre and reasonably similar to a million other ads. They didn't stack up.

This, however, is like many other ads that use emotion to tug heartstrings, but they pull it off. Even my wife liked it. And she's about as unemotional as you can get.

ScoobyFink said:

Now the agency fan boys have had their say. Here is a statement from an actual consumer. YAWN / not relevant and put the tear jerker buzz back in the box.

Non Kiwi said:

What a lovely spot. But just looked up the brand spot. What a shocker. And the VO, hell to listen to. Well done getting something so lovely out of that pile of dross.

Barbara Kinzett said:

Love the words to this Add Adore the Little Boys Voice Well Done

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