Vogel's recently launched campaign via Shine resonates with Kiwis; reaches one million views

Vogel's screenshot 3.jpgVogel's first commercial in nearly a decade, which launched a little over three weeks ago via Shine, has had a phenomenal response, with over one million views on Facebook, and 51,000 views on YouTube.  

The video, created by Shine, has had 44% higher view time that the APAC benchmark for YouTube, and 28% higher than APAC benchmark for Facebook.  It also has almost half as many shares (4,700) as likes (11,300). 
Says Tim Ellis, head of client services at Shine: "We're incredibly proud of the positive reaction that this content has had. It's rare to hit such a chord with branded content, but the response just shows the strength of the idea and the power of the Vogel's brand."

Says Rachel Ellerm, head of marketing, Vogel's: "We're thrilled with the conversations the film has generated. We know we have hit the sweet spot when the sentiment is so positive, and have so many people talking about what it means to be a New Zealander.   

"Vogel's has been part of New Zealand for 50 years, and over that time the country has changed a lot.   In this film we wanted to show that one thing that's at the heart of our success as a nation is our diversity and our uniqueness.  Every Kiwi brings something special to the table and we want to celebrate this."

To celebrate 50 years of a Kiwi icon, the team at Vogel's sought to capture some of the magic of what it means to be a New Zealander, by bringing eight strangers together over a breakfast of Vogel's.  

No one knew each other, or why they were there. What was captured were people coming together as they told their true, unscripted stories. They laughed, they cried, but most importantly they connected with each other.

The social experience, captured on film, is a celebration that every Kiwi, no matter who they are, brings something unique and special to the table.


Really? said:

How is this a PR release. Please tell me everyone realises that less than 5% of views these days are organic. So in fact, all this press release is doing is saying 'Vogels have paid for a lot of paid media reach online'.

This is as stupid as announcing 'TV ad seen by 1 million people after we paid for a reach of 1 million people'.

Also, around 1% of your total views generated likes. That is not a percentage to crow about.

FFS said:

It's a piece of toast for goodness sake. Or a half a mouldy loaf fo bread.

Melvin said:

95% of the Facebook views were organic. Comparing potential TV reach to actual plays of a 3 min piece of content is just ignorant.

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