Pete the Kiwi shows the USA why Air NZ is 'the better way to fly' in the latest web film via True

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 11.57.52 am.jpgAir New Zealand and True have released a new web spot part of the airline's 'Better Way to Fly' campaign that stars Pete the Kiwi.

In the web film, Pete, who is voiced by acting legend Sam Neill, tells the good people of the USA exactly why Air New Zealand is a better way to fly.



Wee said:

The goose one was lame, and this is worse.

Now Kiwi's can fly!!

Help me.

pepemouse said:

Not sure the Kiwi's voice over works! Sorry Sam ...
The Kiwi bird has a more 'refined' voice ;)

The Dong said:

As a Kiwi myself, I love seeing a Kiwi on the screen. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!!! If we visualise Kiwis flying, maybe they will fly one day.

The Judge said:

Great stuff A+ work

The Judge's judge said:

The judge is a fraud. Obviously owns an average body of work with his name on it if he thinks this is A+.

Give up judge. Time to step down.

Melvin said:

Quite like the flying ostrich one for Samsung that's in the movies at the moment.

Spurwing Plover said:

Pete the Kwi a flightless Bird but he can still use a airlines

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