TRACK enters partnership with Annalect to supercharge data-driven marketing in NZ

AndyBell (1).jpgJane Stanley 2[6] (1).jpgCustomer experience agency TRACK and analytics agency Annalect have today announced a partnership to deliver new services that is set to change the nature of the experiences Kiwi marketers can provide customers.

Their co-developed offering combines the customer-centric expertise, strategic data-driven marketing capability and creative firepower of TRACK with Annalect's technical acumen, analytics capability, and proprietary agile data platform.
In layman's terms, the result is a new suite of services coupling unprecedented access and analysis of data with the ability to meaningfully deploy that data in new ways to enable individualised experiences.

Says Andy Bell (above left), head of strategy, TRACK: "We know today's connected customer demands seamless experiences. And that those experiences are increasingly enabled by data and technology.

"The challenge is that most agencies are still operating in a model that treats Ad-tech and data from paid media channels as distinct from owned Mar-tech and the data generated in owned channels. That separation no longer makes sense."

According to Jane Stanley (above right), Annalect managing director, the partnership will deliver market-leading capability in three areas.

Says Stanley: "We now have the ability to access, aggregate and analyse much richer first-, second- and third-party datasets that combine consolidated profile info with behavioural and transactional data," says Stanley. "This allows us to produce much deeper insights to enhance targeting, channel selection and creative outputs, which in turn leads to more effective work."

Stanley says the partnership will also enable what she calls "individual addressability at scale".

Much of the activity in the digital media world is still being delivered based on singular messages to mass audiences. TRACK and Annalect's joint offering enables businesses to deliver truly personalised experiences on a mass scale by taking advantage of the opportunities afforded by identity data sets, real time decisioning and dynamic creative across paid and owned channels.

Stanley believes this offering will prove highly attractive to clients as they are not fully capitalising on the technology and data they already have access to.

Says Bell: "The final area we are focused on is one that Jane and I are both very passionate about. That's using data and technology to enable great experiences. Responsible use of data has to be about more than just security and permissions. It needs to extend to putting the data we have in service to customers to make their lives easier and improve the experiences they have with our brands.

"We believe there is a massive untapped opportunity in this space, one that the industry is not thinking ambitiously enough about. That's a situation this partnership aims to address and it shows that our commitment to addressing it goes beyond just words."


Erm.... said:

Access, agggregate, yadda frocking yadda. So where is the human pulse 2012?

Kate De Marco said:

This article might help you understand some of the potential data offers @Erm

Tim said:

Come on Andy, give us a smile mate.

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