Vodafone embraces optimism about the new future with new brand positioning + campaign

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 11.08.35 am.jpgVodafone today announced a significant evolution of its brand positioning strategy, strapline and visual identity worldwide - the first changes to one of the world's best-known brands since the introduction of the 'Power to you' strapline in 2009.

The strategy - to be implemented across all 36 countries including New Zealand, in which the Vodafone brand is present - is designed to underline Vodafone's belief that new technologies and digital services will play a positive role in transforming society and enhancing individual quality of life over the years ahead.

The strategy will coincide with the release of a new television commercial, Hello, which will appear across television and digital media from Friday 6 October.

Vodafone New Zealand's consumer director Matt Williams said the brand positioning strategy focuses on the theme of optimism about the future.

Says Williams: "Technology is changing the way people connect, and that is exciting, but there is also a lot of uncertainty about what technology will change in the future.

"We firmly believe there are many good reasons to be optimistic about the future - with emerging innovations in science and technology already having a profoundly positive impact on society. Our focus now is really about ensuring all our customers are ready to step forward with us and make the most of what is coming."

VF.jpgThe brand positioning strategy and related advertising campaigns were developed after a period of extensive research and concept testing, including quantitative and qualitative inputs from nearly 30,000 people in 17 countries.

Vodafone's new visual identity will place much greater emphasis on Vodafone's iconic 'speech mark' in the biggest change to one of the most recognisable symbols of Vodafone since the 'speech mark' logo was created in 1998. The 'speech mark' will now appear as the central graphical focus overlaid on all marketing and marketing communications activity. The logo will also appear in a new 2D design.


Maori and proud said:


So the ad starts with a cave man or is that neanderthal man? Then jumps straight to Maori??!!!????!!

How incredibly racist is that? Theres only a gap of 300,000 odd years.

Was this written by Australians by chance?

Patronizing and ignorant, just like your customer service.

Client presentation said:

When the client says 'approved, please despatch' to the manifesto film.

@Maori and proud said:

Not that I think this is good ad by any stretch, but I'm not sure how the start is racist?

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