Crossing over to the promised land: AUT end of year show to take place next Tues, November 14

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 10.47.41 am.jpgAUT Ad School CDs, Jane Berney, Dan Fastnedge and Paul White turned up for work a couple of weeks ago to find the Ten Commandments of AUT Ad School propped up outside their office door.

Says White: "Well we thought, that's the invitation sorted."

Says Berney: "We were blown away by this offering but the students refused to tell us who created it."

"Eventually we weedled it out of them," said Fastnedge, "by telling them the copywriting and art direction was brilliant."

Find out who the team behind the Ten Commandments were, and, more importantly, just who's keen to get into the promised land this year. The AUT end of year show is on Tuesday 14 Nov. Different venue this year - still at AUT but this time entry is via Wellesley Street, Piko is directly on your right. Also, it's industry only 5.30-7pm.

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