Kiwi icon Ian Mune plays 'Secret Santa' in Farmers' latest Christmas spot via FCB NZ

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 7.06.21 am.jpgFarmers has engaged FCB New Zealand to focus on evolving its brand strategy. The initial manifestation of which will be a new brand TV ad for Christmas - the first of this style of advertising for the iconic Kiwi retailer.

Says Dean Cook, head of marketing, Farmers: "This is a very important stage in the evolution of our marketing. We want to reinforce the role Farmers plays in numerous moments throughout New Zealanders' lives, and has played for over 100 years. We chose FCB for their proven strategic leadership, and ability to connect emotionally with New Zealanders."

Says David Thomason, chief strategist, FCB NZ: "It's a huge honour. Like most Kiwis, our team grew up with the brand, but today Farmers are even more successful and relevant than ever. No brand is more deserving of advertising that New Zealand loves."

Creative development was led by FCB ECD Tony Clewett.

Says Clewett: "We wanted to find a fresh way of portraying the spirit of giving at Christmas, but in that Kiwi, low-key, don't-get-too-carried-away kind of way. We wanted Farmers to be part of the story."

The 60 second story was directed by Andrew Lang from The Sweetshop, and features an impressive character performance from another Kiwi icon, actor Ian Mune. Clewett enjoyed the collaborative process.

Says Clewett: "It was a pleasure to have a legend like Ian come on the journey. Besides making our jobs easy, nailing take after take, he also offered up suggestions of his own that made it into the final edit."

Says Toby Sellers, group account director, FCB NZ: "The whole team was super-energised about this amazing opportunity, and I think it shows. When clients have tears in their eyes at the final screening you get the sense we might have made that emotional connection."

Client: Farmers Trading Company
Title: Secret Santa
Head of Marketing: Dean Cook
Brand Marketing Manager: Birgit Hoeglinger
Creative Agency: FCB New Zealand
Executive Creative Director: Tony Clewett
Creatives: Hayley Marks, Natalie Knight, Lennie Galloway, Thomas Gledhill
Head of Content: Pip Mayne
Account Team: Toby Sellers, Hannah McLean, Luke Dexte
Strategists: David Thomason, Hilary Dobson
Media Agency: PHD
Production Company: The Sweetshop
Production Company Director: Andrew Lang
Production Company Managing Director: Fiona King
Production Company Producer: Lynette Gordon
Production Company Editor: Julian Currin
Composers: Mahuia Bridgeman-Cooper, Hollie Fullbrook
Sound Studio: Franklin Rd


One said:

Well done John Lewis, oh I mean Farmers. Very excellent execution.

The Judge said:

I too love the John Lewis ads and all the copycat ads that come in its wake. What I like more is the fact that a client is prepared to spend money on a something like this.

Personally, I think the idea used here could be best classed as off the shelf creative - stock standard stuff with a reasonably unremarkable twist.

But, as I said, the bigger picture here is a client willing to flash the cash on a much-derided media choice.

Creative aside, well done to FCB and the media company that recommended the schedule.

Coal for Christmas said:

Is meant to be a Christmas ad? It feels really depressing. Let's be clear. This is far from a John Lewis ad. The pace is too quick to really see what is happening, the music is all wrong, and there is no real depth to the storytelling. This is the first Christmas ad off the ranks so far, so the standard isn't that high for the other agencies with Christmas in mind to really make one that's better. Interesting to see what they do for a Boxing Day sales spot.

A fan said:

The script would have been amazing. You can almost hear the client notes that would have butchered this. No they can't seem poor, make their house aspirational, don't make him seem too mean, lets compose our own music to help explain the idea, make the house looks festive so people get its Christmas. I think its great, if you take those things into consideration.

Hmmm said:

@Afan, so which creative/suit on the credits are you?

another fan said said:

Me too.

Ray said:

I liked it FCB. Good work!

A bit of xmas cheer the f**k up said:

I think this ad is awesome. Get off you grinch filled lonely advertising ass and just accept that NZ will actually engage with this. This years John Lewis ad is the worst in years and great job to the Agency for getting this ad made here in NZ. No I am not the Creative, Suit or Client, just a punter who knows that not every ad has to be Good Books to get some praise from a bunch of washed up key board warriors. Never saw Ass hole on a pegasus time sheet. Merry Christmas you filthy animals.

Chops said:

Is it an actal song? I love it and would like to download it

Suanne said:

I love the new Christmas farmers advert. I normally skip ads, but watching on demand this came up and it’s awesome I have looked it up to show everyone. Well done merry christmas

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