MDS End of Year Show tonight (Wednesday) November 22, 6-8pm, in the basement of 1885 bar, Britomart. Industry only, free food and booze


Invited said:

Had the whole office laughing. Nice MDS.

Well I wasn't planning on attending a student show said:

But the poorly written invite I received, that sounds more snarky than funny has really changed my mind.

Can't put my finger on it said:

But why was that so annoying to read?

not invited said:

"...Because, a man's beard says a lot. A bold, full-bodied beard is the facial furniture of a champion, whereas juvenile wisps mask a precious ego on stilts. That's exactly why we want you at our show,..."

Some of the best copy that I've read from a student.

LeGoat said:

Student work

Invited too said:

LeGoat. It was student work and bloody good student work too.

LeG.O.A.T. said:

He's not LeGoat, I'm LeGoat.

Invited too said:

I knew it to be so

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