PAK'nSAVE wishes Kiwis a 'Merry Fridgemas' in newly launched campaign via FCB New Zealand

Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 11.47.11 am.jpgFollowing a week of teaser spots PAK'nSAVE has launched its new 'Fridgemas' campaign via FCB New Zealand.

Featuring a series of 15 second TVCs, the 5-week campaign focuses around the 'Fridgemas tree'. With the festive season meaning lots of time spent celebrating with loved ones, Kiwis often use the opportunity to spoil their guests, and their well-stocked fridges become the centre of Christmas.

FOO5145 Christmas Fridgemas Poster _A4P(1) (2).jpgUsing Stickman's distinctive humour, the comical ads feature the well-loved character 'gathering around the Fridgemas tree' and handing out 'the gift of meat' to his friends and family.

Says Peter Vegas, senior creative at FCB New Zealand: "You can only open your Christmas presents once, but the fridge is the gift that keeps on giving for the whole holiday. To reflect the important role of the appliance we all gather around over the festive season, Stickman decided it should be renamed the Fridgemas tree. No one at PAK'nSAVE was brave enough to argue with him, so merry Fridgemas everybody."

Says Stephanie Pyne, head of retail marketing at Foodstuffs NZ: "PAK'nSAVE has a huge range of quality products at New Zealand's lowest prices, which means our customers will be able to fill their fridges to feed their friends and family over the festive season. We wanted to make sure that we were front of mind as the one-stop-shop for Christmas."

The TVCs, that launched Sunday night, are supported by an integrated campaign including digital and social ads, out of home and radio ads featuring Stickman's version of some famous Christmas carols.

Agency: FCB New Zealand
Client: Foodstuffs, PAK'nSAVE
Group General Manager Marketing: Steve Bayliss
Head of Retail Marketing: Stephanie Pyne
Retail Promotions Manager: Lauren Ness


Janet said:

As a Christian thanks to Pak N Grave's campaign my fridge won't be being stocked from P N Grave this Christmas. If they want to be insulting to a section of their customers then they'll dig their own grave.


Pak n Save just lost me on this one. Nothing but cheap commercialism and insulting to Christians.

Janet's belief system said:

Hey Janet, and Christine. Dieting to know, what bit about the ads have upset you so much?

Sharon Tay said:

I noticed that their ad implies that Pak N Save don't treat food hygienically but leave it on the floor outside the fridge. It is a poor marketing campaign that insults a section of Pak N Save customers while dealing a hygiene blow to Pak N Save as well. Worst campaign I've seen for Christmas.

Sharon's mate said:

You're SO right Sharon. And, as if that wasn't bad enough, the fridge in the TVC has to be held shut with sausages. What a waste! And, while we are on it. Shouldn't the stick people with hair have hair nets? Un-hygienic to say the least.

Hannah said:

Yes, I agree with what's being said here. Aside from that the PNS stick figure has been done to death. B o r i n g and not funny either and I turn off that droning voice as soon as it comes on. PNS's marketing sucks. People want something lively at Christmas and PNS completely miss the mark.

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