Tip Top Ice Cream 'shares the good' in newly launched creative platform via Colenso BBDO

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 9.29.27 am.jpgTip Top Ice Cream has launched a new creative platform Good to Share this week with a 30-second brand film, OOH and digital from Colenso BBDO.
The film celebrates the sharing of good times, good friends and of course, good Tip Top ice creams. Along with a range of kiwis sharing ice cream moments, it draws heavily on the 'sharing world' of social platforms too. Similarly, the OOH plays on the idea of sharing with group selfies.

Says Steve Cochran, ECD, Colenso BBDO: "Ice creams are something we predominantly enjoy with others. And because we capture and share those occasions so readily these days, ice cream naturally shows up in social content. So, embracing the language and aesthetic of social sharing became quite central to our idea of ice cream sharing."
However, the feel-good 30-second film is only the start. Reasons-to-believe, like only natural colours and flavours in all its ice creams, or the fact they get their boysenberries from Nelson for their Trumpets, mean Tip Top has a lot of 'good' stories to follow up with over the summer.
Says Katie McClure, group marketing manager, Tip Top: "At Tip Top we're very proud of what we do and how we do it. Our New Zealandness. Our history. Our ingredient story. Our open factory tour. Our staff. It's all stuff New Zealanders can be proud of too. We want to share these great stories that our brand has. And if possible, help Kiwis appreciate what makes Tip Top so unique and special."
During the filming of the videos much content was collected to create supplementary social posts for the summer including various gifs, looped videos, emoji interactions and the like.
Says Cochran: "Creating a complete campaign for a broad target, including those elusive 18-24 year olds, means shoots have become as much a content gathering exercise as they are a script shooting one.
"Making a single highly produced TVC is often not going to cut it these days, we need to use our budgets to produce lots of small reasons to pop up in a multitude of channels with something fresh or interesting. 'Good to Share' is a perfect platform for just that."
The summer's campaign roll-out has been orchestrated by Mediacom starting with 30-second spot, 15 second cut down and OOH, with more films and social activity to come on TV, digital channels, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.
Produced by: Colenso BBDO's in-house production team
Freelance director: Arvid Ericksson
Photographer: Troy Goodall
Fish motion graphics artist: Mardo El-Noor
Mandy VFX
In-house videographer: Alex Polglase


Pedigree said:

Hey don't we do 'Feed the Good' with you guys?

The gurr... said:

I don't know what it is, and I don't know how to share it.

Share A Line said:

Meanwhile, Streets Ice Cream 'Share Happy'.

Here's said:

The stuff they do in-between Pedigree award winners.

Linda said:

Who is the singer?

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