Adshel and Ford New Zealand bring live sports scoring to the streets in a New Zealand first

Ford BLACKCAPS Live Score Campaign (1).jpgOutdoor advertising company Adshel and Ford New Zealand have partnered with sports data provider, Opta, in a New Zealand first to bring live sports scoring to the streets.

Opta collects detailed live data from the world's most popular sports, which is used by leading sports broadcasters, digital media outlets, governing bodies, clubs, bookmakers, brands and sponsor partners all over the globe.
Taking its sponsorship of the Blackcaps to the next level, Ford New Zealand has utilised Opta data across the Adshel Live digital roadside network, bringing live scores of the Blackcaps versus the West Indies to the out-of- home environment, keeping cricket fans up-to-date as the game plays out.

The Ford and Opta Blackcaps campaign is displayed on all 223 Adshel Live digital screens across Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch, reaching millions of New Zealanders while on the go.

Says Rich Goodwin, digital and technology sales manager, Adshel NZ: "Opta have been working with sports teams in New Zealand for a number of years, providing detailed analysis to coaches and teams to improve performance. Being able to tap into these data sources, in addition to live scoring data and visualise them on our screens, is providing advertisers with an opportunity to leverage their sporting associations in a creative way."

Says Ben Gibb, sales and marketing director, Adshel: "Our clients have really embraced the benefits of the creative flexibility that Adshel Live offers. Partnering with a data company like Opta allows us to extend the digital capabilities of Adshel Live and affords an additional dimension and greater relevance to campaigns. We're creating more and more data-fed campaigns like this, utilising 3rd party data sources like Opta or a client's own 1st party data to enhance relevance and cut-through."

The Ford New Zealand Blackcaps campaign is now live across the entire Adshel Live national network, until the end of December, 2017.


Spoilers said:

There goes me not knowing the score as I rush home to watch the game.
How has this got anything to do with a car, or a team. It's just a blatant use of tech with no idea or insight attached, that ends up annoying the public. It's rubbish like this that makes people not like advertisers - for basically what? An award for media. Whoop.

The Dong said:

0 for 69

Just passing through. said:

Is there a way I can Opta-out of this? #spoilers

Nooooo said:

Agreed with those above. In the age of recording sport to watch when you get home, this is a nightmare.

Stop it said:

Terrible, terrible, terrible. This is what happens when you let people who are more interested in data and technology than human beings take control. This sort of rubbish needs to be stamped out.

Third man said:

out for a duck

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