BC&F Dentsu gives clients something not to leave out for Santa; unveils Spot X Spiced Rum

BC&FD_015_HR_LR[4].jpgFollowing previous years' High St Whisky, Queen's Ferry Gin, and Friendship Sake (a winner at this year's Best Awards), BC&F Dentsu has unveiled its 2017 client Christmas gift: Spot X Spiced Rum.

Designed in collaboration with International Rescue's Kieran Rynhart, the bottle features a rather unhelpful map that charts the agency's "160,000 nautical centimetre" voyage from High St to their new offices on Cook St.
BC&FD_01_HR_LR[4].jpgThe rum itself is rather nice too. Imported by Helmsman Rum of Ponsonby, and with notes of vanilla and spices, it's guaranteed to warm the hearties of mateys everywhere.

CEO: Paul Catmur
Managing Partner: Luke Farmer
Creative Director: Mick Stalker
Art Director: BradBC&FD_02_HR_LR[4].jpg Stratton
Copywriter: Rob Cook
Illustrator: Kieran Rynhart (International Rescue)
Photographer: Yuki Sato (IDC)
Head of Production: Phil Newman
Producer: Erin Webb
BC&FD_04_HR_LR[4].jpg BC&FD_011_HR_LR[4].jpg BC&FD_012_HR_LR[4].jpg


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