Ford helps Kiwis break up with their old Rangers in new direct mailer via J. Walter Thompson, NZ

Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 9.58.55 am.jpgFord of New Zealand wanted to encourage existing Ranger owners to upgrade to a brand new, top-of-the-line Ranger Wildtrak. Problem is, in New Zealand Ford Ranger owners are fiercely loyal to their old trucks, so convincing them to say goodbye to their beloved old Ranger is a really tough ask.

J. Walter Thompson's solution was to create a tongue-in-cheek Ford Ranger breaking-up kit. This instructional book was filled with helpful advice, support and a money-off voucher to help the Ranger owner deal with the emotional trauma of separation. The last page even featured a built-in box of tissues, to help mop up the final tears of sadness.



Fucking love it said:

Nice ide really well executed!

Ford Driver said:

But why though?

David Briggs said:

I received one of these and am keeping it in my book shelf. Brilliantly executed, right down to the faux vinyl casing and the tissue lid.

Helen said:

Really interesting and very well done.

Melvin said:

Liked this trade-up strategy from Isuzu.

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