Resn reveals true origin of Christmas with the launch of 'Resn's Little Helper' interactive site

Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 7.16.26 am.jpgCreative agency Resn has just received its 103rd FWA (Favorite Website Award) for its latest work, 'Resn's Little Helper.'

The interactive site takes users on a magical trip through the North Pole, revealing the truth behind Father Christmas' inception, and an unsung hero whose shredding flute melodies would change the course of history.
Says Mark Wordsworth, senior creative producer, when asked why Resn chose to come forward with the true story of Father Christmas this year: "The real origins of Christmas have become so muddied and convoluted over the years...even the name of the main protagonist is not agreed upon globally. Worse still, the true hero - and let's speak his full name now, Jethro Funklegs Carbon 14 Alphabettyspaghetti, has been universally forgotten. And why? Cos of a recreational disposition to experiment and a cultural distaste for the flute! It was too sad for us to ignore any longer. The charade had to end."

Before now, few have spoken, or knew, about the beginnings of Father Christmas (a.k.a Kris Kringle a.k.a St. Nick a.k.a. Santa) and the vital role of the wood-flute playing elf, Jethro.

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