NZ Public Service Association launches office stationery via Ogilvy NZ to close gender pay gap

91555_BestAds (1).jpgTo raise awareness and help drive change, Ogilvy NZ has created an upmarket range of office stationery, designed to make women work longer hours. Office Stationery for women offered an absurd solution, to the serious problem of the gender pay gap.

On average, women in New Zealand are still paid 12% less, than men doing the same job. To close the gender pay gap, we can either pay women more; or do the unthinkable and make them work longer hours.

The range of stationary featured a diary, with an extra month of work - just for women. PSA and Ogilvy NZ have sent out 13 month diaries to celebrities, politicians, broadcasters and social influencers.

Taking cues from the high street world of designer objects, PSA created (what appeared to be) a highly desirable stationery product. A colour palette of white, copper and ironic "soft pink", was selected to evoke and reference the antiquated views towards femininity and the gender pay imbalance.


cynic said:

always nice to see such a noble cause pursued in the name of awards.

@ cynic said:

Yeah, because doing charity purely for charity sake always pays the bills!

@ @ cynic said:

Maybe doing charity work that actually helps the cause might excuse the blatant awards play for this. I'd argue that awareness of the pay gap problem is not the issue here, a number of campaigns have done a fantastic job over the last few years spreading that message. This is just another iteration of that.

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